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DIY Reversible Sequin Board

DIY reversible sequin board tutorial from Skirt Fixation blog.

If you’ve ever touched reversible sequin fabric, you know how fun it can be!  We decided to make a reversible sequin board and we’re sharing the DIY reversible sequin board tutorial today so you can make one yourself.  

We highly recommend the reversible sequin fabric from CaliFabrics.  

DIY Reversible Sequin Board Step 1: Gather materials

1 yard reversible sequin fabric


Elmer’s glue

stiff board (can be any size, but one side has to be 36” or shorter)  We used the back of our dry erase board for a dual use toy!

paint brush

child helper is optional! 😉

DIY Reversible Sequin Board Step 2: Cut fabric to size

Lay out sequin fabric on board and cut off any excess.  You can use any scissors, but we recommend not using your best scissors as the sequins might dull it a little.  We didn’t notice any dulling, but we also didn’t use our best scissors!

DIY Reversible Sequin BoardStep 3: Paint on the glue

Paint the board with Elmer’s glue.  We put it on thick, and didn’t do the whole board before starting the next step because it was drying too fast.  Our reversible sequin fabric was on a knit base, so the fabric is stretchy and we wanted it to stay in place during play.

DIY Reversible Sequin Board Step 4: Lay down the fabric

Roll up the fabric with the sequins inside the roll.  Then slowly unroll the fabric on top of the glue, starting at one end of the board and applying more glue as you unroll.  This is much easier than trying to work with the fabric unrolled and my 16 year old daughter came up with this genius method!

DIY Reversible Sequin Board Step 5: Smooth it down and let it dry

Carefully press down the reversible sequin fabric around all the edges.  Next is the hardest part, not playing with it while it dries!  We put our in a room where the kids couldn’t see it while it dried so they wouldn’t be asking every 10 minutes if it was ready yet!

This Reversible Sequin Board is one of the items I have in my sewing area that the kids are only allowed access to when I’m sewing!  I talked about this in episode 16 of Outnumbered the Podcast.  By giving them special toys and activities I’m actually making better use of my time and can get more done.  This episode is all about finding more time for your passions/work/creative endeavors. Please listen and let us know what you think!

DIY reversible sequin board tutorial from Skirt Fixation blog.

Another activity they love are these DIY animal spools.  Would you be interested in seeing more of their special sewing time activities?

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