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Rosemary and Thyme Shirts

For over 6 months, I’ve been working on a project behind the scenes… so I’m super duper excited about today’s post. It’s with great, great pride that I’ve been able to be a cheerleader and coordinator of the Designer Capsule #1: Project Farmer’s Market for Project Run & Play.

If you’ve been around here any time at all, you know one of my very, very favorite things to sew are button up shirts.  They are so very rewarding when they’re finished, and the classic lines never go out of style.  With that in mind, I designed and (with the help of an amazing tester team) brought the Rosemary & Thyme Shirts into fruition.  They are woven popover-style shirts with a band collar.  Each has a couple of fun sleeve options, and the Rosemary has a few feminine details.

The Rosemary & Thyme Shirts are the 1st exclusive Project Run & Play pattern.  They are classic woven tops worth sewing just as they are.  But the lines are clean and useable as the building block for many great garment creations. The Rosemary & Thyme Shirts are unique in that they are designed on 3 different size blocks with boy & girl shapes and ages in mind.  Sizes 1-6X are a unisex block and a perfect fit for boys and girls both.  The Rosemary Shirt in sizes 7-14 is a tween girl block and a perfect fit for those changing years.  The Thyme Shirt in sizes 8-16 is a tween/teen boy block ideal for the growing male.

Find the Rosemary & Thyme Shirt patterns here in the Project Run & Play shop.

Find the whole Project Farmer’s Market collection here in the shop.  (Save over 30%!!!)

Find the unisex mini collection here in the shop.  (Save over 25%!!!)

Find the girls mini collection here in the shop.  (Save over 25%!!!)

Enjoy viewing the Project Farmer’s Market lookbook here.

I’m so thankful for and proud of the team of pattern testers. Today I get to share with you all their versions of the Rosemary and Thyme Shirts. Without their help, this pattern would not be as amazing. Period.

First up, I’m extremely thankful for the two testers whose gorgeous children are the Rosemary and Thyme cover models.

Liesel is a former Project Run & Play designer, and very talented seamstress. She sewed several versions, but this Rosemary Shirt cover version is from rayon, and gorgeous!

Frieda’s incredibly handsome son is wearing a linen Thyme Shirt on the pattern cover, and she also sewed him one from plaid shirting which is equally handsome!

Ashley sewed Thyme shirts for both her sons from chambray fabric, don’t they look handsome?

Amber sewed a short sleeve Rosemary Shirt and included the optional ruffles around both sides of the placket.

Alyssa sewed a Thyme Shirt for her brother (who was a little bit larger than the largest size, and when it didn’t work out right, she helped me work out some bugs in the pattern, and selvedged that too small version for her sister!

Cordelia sewed a short sleeve Rosemary Shirt for her friend, and swapped out the buttons for green snaps that pop!

Elizabeth is also a former Project Run & Play designer, and sewed Thyme Shirts for two of her little brothers.

Feyza sewed up a short sleeve Thyme Shirt using chambray fabric for her son.

Hafiza sewed several versions of the Thyme Shirt, and this linen version is so darling!

Jennifer sewed a short sleeve Rosemary Shirt from this large scale shirting and it’s so perfect!

Kiran hit the Farmer’s Market theme perfectly with this lemony short sleeve Rosemary Shirt.

Kristen’s son is absolutely dashing in his vivid blue short sleeve Thyme Shirt.

Lisa sewed the Rosemary Shirt for her daughter and the cutest Thyme Shirt for her son!

Lisa M. is also a former Project Run & Play designer, and sewed up this drapey version in rayon for her daughter…did you see it in the lookbook?

Malea sewed up this wardrobe basic Thyme shirt that will go with everything!

Nadine sewed her son this chambray Thyme Shirt and also used snaps for a pop of color.

Sonia used the optional side elastic on this short sleeve Rosemary Shirt for her daughter, and I love the definition it adds.

Suzi sewed matching Thyme Shirts for her sons from this large scale plaid, and I love the contrasting button plackets too!

And last but not least, Zoe sewed up the cutest version of the Rosemary Shirt and added eyelet trim to the bottom of the 3/4 sleeves!

Once again, find the Rosemary & Thyme Shirt patterns here in the Project Run & Play shop. And as I mentioned, this pattern is part of a whole wardrobe collection. Next week I’ll start sharing some of the other patterns I sewed from the collection.

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