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Outnumbered the Podcast – Launch!

Today is a really, really exciting day because I get to share something I’ve been working on behind the scenes for a couple of months. A fellow mom to 8 kids (with one on the way) and I are launching our podcast today! It’s topic something I’m really passionate about – motherhood and kids!

We’re releasing 3 episodes today…for a great reason! We want to give you a flavor of what our episodes will be like, and an introduction to ourselves. After the introduction episode, we will be alternating between a kid-centered topic and a mom-centered topic.

Today, we’re launching Outnumbered, the Podcast with 3 episodes. An introduction to us and our lives, an episode all about kids and chores, and motherhood episode about what to do when you want to quit! Each of our episodes are about 30 minutes long, and have several things in common. At the beginning, we have a short humor segment where we share a funny Insane Mom Moment, Kid Quote, Thing I Never Thought I’d Say, and more! (If you have something to contribute to this, please email us: ) Near the end of each episode, we share a recommendation, mom hack, inspirational quote, or something that is helping up to become a better mom! Oh, and if you stick around to the very, very end of the episode, we usually add in a hilarious outtake where we mess up or are interrupted by one of our many children with life-threatening needs like “Can I please have some gum?”

You can find Outnumbered, the podcast, by searching “outnumbered” on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, Podbean, or wherever you listen to podcasts! Here are the direct links to us on each platform:



Google Play


and our website for Outnumbered, the Podcast is here!

And you can sign up for our newsletter so that you can know right away when the next episode drops!

You can follow us on Instagram too!

So there will still be lots and lots of skirts and sewing around here as usual! But this is my passion project, and I’m so excited to share years of parenting tips, advice, failures, joys and lots and lots of laughter with you!

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