How to Thread the Brother 1034d Serger

The time has come!  It’s time to learn how to thread the Brother 1034d serger/overlocker.  This video is specifically about how to thread the Brother 1034D machine, while most of the rest of our serger school videos can be applied to any serger or overlocker.

This next lesson in the Serger School series is all about threading the Brother 1034d serger the proper way.  Often, the cheater method we showed you last lesson works great, but at other times you’ll need to know the proper way to thread your machine.  If one of your threads breaks, or if you have a Brother 1034d that’s completely unthreaded, and so on, you’ll need this video.  

Many people say this is the hardest part about owning a serger, but in this video, we show you each step.  And the whole video is just over 5 minutes long.  So threading really is not that arduous of a task.  You can do it!  

A serger (or overlocker if you’re outside of the US) has 4 threads.  A regular sewing machine has one thread and a bobbin.  That is one thing that makes a serger more complicated to thread.  After a while, threading your serger will become very easy to you, and you won’t hesitate to change thread colors as needed for a project.  But we understand the trepidation when it’s an unfamiliar process.  That’s why we creating this video for you about how to thread the Brother 1034d serger.

We promise you that this video will simplify the threading process for you.  If you’re struggling with one certain thread, here is where each of them start in the video:

Upper Looper: 0:26

Lower Looper: 2:15

Left and Right Needles: 3:37

In the video, and in our studio, we use the Brother 1034d serger.

Brother 1034d Serger


We recommend these threads:

GREY Low Lint, High Tensile Strength Polyester Serger Thread

BLACK Low Lint, High Tensile Strength Polyester Serger Thread

WHITE Low Lint, High Tensile Strength Polyester Serger Thread

If your serger is still in the box, go here for Lesson 1.

We also suggest our lesson on Cheater Threading!

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How to thread the Brother 1034d serger video tutorial from Skirt Fixation

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