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French Terry Comparison

French Terry Comparison by Skirt Fixation

Today I’m going to walk you through a french terry comparison of 2 different fabrics. For purposes of this comparison, I sewed 2 similar items (a hoodie for a boy) so they are comparable for you to observe. Some of the differences are slight, and some are quite noticeable.

French Terry Comparison by Skirt Fixation

The 2 french terry fabrics are a traditional french terry, and a baby french terry. I got both of them from Simply By Ti fabrics, and both in black so once again, color is similar for this comparison. As you will see, I did mix it up with some buffalo plaid appliqué creatures at the boys’ request. The buffalo plaid is also inside the kangaroo pocket and lines the hoodie.

I used triblend Black Baby French Terry fabric for the wolf hoodie, and regular french terry for the bear hoodie.

French Terry comparison – stats

French Terry Comparison by Skirt Fixation

Here’s a chart showing the basic numerical comparisons of the two french terry fabrics. All of this information is basically self explanatory, except perhaps the weight. The ounces per yard is listed, and shows how much one yard of fabric weighs. It makes the regular french terry thicker or more dense, much like sweatshirt fabric in consistency.

French Terry comparison – hand

French Terry Comparison by Skirt Fixation

In my opinion, the rayon content in the baby french terry is what makes it so different. The baby french terry is very, very soft, and has excellent drape. While it works for a hoodie like I sewed, it would also work very nicely for a skirt or swing dress. You can see the excellent drape of the older boy’s hoodie especially in the photo of the back of the hoodies.

French Terry comparison – laundry

French Terry Comparison by Skirt Fixation

I have been laundering both of these fabrics the same, cold wash and dried in the dryer. I forgot to measure for and percentage of shrinkage before and after laundering them the 1st time, but since then, neither of them have shrunk.

French Terry comparison – durability

French Terry Comparison by Skirt Fixation

Neither of these hoodies has begun to pill, as both of the fabrics are really good quality. However, my guess would be that the baby french terry would pill first. Also, it could potentially snag on something (like when boys climb trees!) as the weave seems to be a little bit looser than the regular french terry.

French Terry comparison – warmth

French Terry Comparison by Skirt Fixation

Both of these are very warm. My guess would be that the baby french terry would keep the wearer a little warmer in colder temperatures due to the polyester content. But the tighter weave of the regular french terry makes it very warm too!

French Terry comparison – lint/static

French Terry Comparison by Skirt Fixation

My boys haven’t complained about either of these categories, but I’m not sure how much they’d notice anyway! Just having the fabrics in my sewing room, the regular french terry seemed to collect a little more dust/lint than the baby french terry. If they were put to the test, my guess would be that the baby french terry might have more of an issue with static or cling, but that’s just a guess.

French Terry comparison – stretch and recovery

French Terry Comparison by Skirt Fixation

Both of these fabrics have similar stretch and recovery properties. This means that they will stretch to fit the body without getting stretched out. They both stretch vertically and horizontally, making them really nice for so many garments.

French Terry comparison – pattern suggestions

French Terry Comparison by Skirt Fixation

Regular French Terry would be awesome for

Halifax Hoodie view C (with the zipper)

Jasper Sweater and Dress

Knight Hoodie

Hudson Pants

Aster Cardigan

Grandpa Cardigan

Geneva Cardigan

Aspen Pullover

Hatteras Hoodie,

Parachute Pants

Ila Dress

Bimaa Hoodie (pattern used for the bear hoodie)

Wild Things Coat or Vest

Baby French Terry would be amazing for

Charleston Dress,

Halifax Hoodie (any other view)

Paro Cardigan

Finlayson Sweater (pattern used for the wolf hoodie)

Hampton Hoodie

Lane Raglan,

Runway Skirt

Seattle Skater Skirt

Renfrew Top

Tallinn Sweater,

Camden Raglan,

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

Rosemary Raglan

Skip Along Skort

That’s it for today!  Leave a comment about french terry…what have you used it for?

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4 thoughts on “French Terry Comparison

  1. Awesome comparison! Thank you!

  2. Great post. I love that you went into such detail on the two fabrics. Time for me to get some baby French terry too.

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  4. love the hoodies. have some buffalo plaid flannel and some French terry. now i need the bear and wolf appliques please.

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