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Runway Skirt Trends from Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Runway Skirt Trends

We love to see skirts walking down the runway at fashion shows!  In fact, we have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to the subject.  So today we thought we’d share some runway SKIRT trends we noticed in the fall 2017 fashion shows we had our eyes on.

Runway Skirt Trend #1:   Large floral prints

Large floral prints are back!  We were so excited to see this because we love both florals and large scale prints.  Sometimes we don’t buy a fabric we otherwise love everything else about because the scale is too small.  Here’s a similar skirt you could purchase to wear this trend:

Vintage Elastic Waist Floral Print Pleated Skirt

Vintage Elastic Waist Floral Print Pleated Skirt

Runway Skirt Trend #2 & #3:   Black & White prints & Midi length

Does black and white ever go out of style?  We don’t think so, and many of the designers agree!  We’ve picked a skirt below that not only fulfills the black & white checkbox, but it also hits another runway skirt style trend we were happy to see: MIDI SKIRTS!

Black White Piano Key Flared Midi Skirt Black White Piano Key Flared Midi Skirt

Runway Skirt Trend #4:   Buffalo Plaid

You guys.  Buffalo plaid is everywhere.  (We even sell a buffalo plaid bonnet, and it’s currently our best selling boy’s bonnet!)   And if you want to wear buffalo plaid without looking like a lumberjack, try this skirt:

Buffalo Plaid Pencil Skirt 

Runway Skirt Trend #5:   Vertical Stripes

Now as very, very tall ladies, we don’t always wear vertical stripes on our lower half.  I mean accentuating our loooooong legs sometimes is eye-catching, but if you don’t have a 36″ inseam like some of us do, try this skirt to add the visual effect of 3-6″ to your legs.

Vertical stripe maxi skirt in several different colors 

Runway Skirt Trend #6 & #7:   Chocolate brown & Leather:

One color we saw over and over again (and no, we weren’t hungry!) was chocolate brown.  We saw in in leather like this skirt, in shoes, in jackets, tops, hats, and everything!

Chocolate brown leather midi skirt

Runway Skirt Trend #8 & #9:   Velvet and Buttons

Velvet is back and we couldn’t be happier!  We love it in every shade imaginable.  Another thing we saw in lots of different garments was buttons.  For a while, zippers were having their day, but it’s back to buttons!  This skirt combines them both:

Rose velvet button front skirt

Runway Skirt Trend #10:   Eastern European Inspired Embroidery

We love embroidered skirts.  It’s been a long and luscious crush of ours!  And we couldn’t love the Eastern European inspired embroidery trend any more than we already do!  This lovely skirt is a great example of the embroidered skirts we saw waltzing down the runway.

Embroidered red maxi skirt


Fall 2017 Runway Skirt Trends


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