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Key Largo Top in 3 Different Substrates!

Key Largo Top fabric comparison by Skirt Fixation

Today I’m over at Hey June Handmade sharing a tutorial on how to add ruffle sleeves to the Key Largo Top.  I’m totally honored to be there, and ruffle sleeves are so big right now (sorry, bad pun!) that you really will want to add them to all your tops!

In creating the tutorial, and falling in love with the Key Largo Top, I sewed up three of them, all in different fabric substrates!  So I want to share them all with you, including my thoughts on how each works.

Key Largo Top fabric comparison by Skirt Fixation

For the first Key Largo Top I sewed, I used Art Gallery Sage Painted Desert Night Fabric.  This is the ONLY brand of quilting cotton I’d use for apparel sewing because it’s so soft and has some drape.  But as you can see, the whole shirt ends up a little stiffer.  If you look around the neckline, you can especially see some stiffness.

Key Largo Top fabric comparison by Skirt Fixation

Please note, quilting cotton is not one of the recommended fabrics for making the Key Largo Top.  This was my muslin.  And yes, I felt comfortable enough with Hey June Patterns to sew up my muslin in expensive Art Gallery Fabric quilting cotton!  This is because I have sewn these patterns enough to know how they fit.

Key Largo Top fabric comparison by Skirt Fixation

That said, I made NO adjustments to the pattern for this first version, and it’s completely wearable and I love it!  After this one though, I added 1 inch width to each shoulder and 2 inches to the length.  You can see how the shoulder seams ended up too far in.  And even though this top is designed to be cropped, I needed the extra length because I’m 6′ tall, and that’s my standard adjustment for Hey June Patterns.

Key Largo Top fabric comparison by Skirt Fixation

The next Key Largo Top I sewed from Art Gallery Observer Voile Indigo Window Crystal Fabric.  If I could only keep one of these 3 shirts, this is probably the one I would choose!  As you can see, I added ruffles to the sleeves.  (Remember to check out my tutorial over at Hey June Handmade.)

Key Largo Top fabric comparison by Skirt Fixation

The voile is lightweight and drape-y and cool for summertime wear.  The voile is a dream to work with too.  Because all the inside edges are enclosed or finished, the issue of voile fraying is eliminated.  Voile is slightly sheer, so I’m wearing a tank underneath.

Key Largo Top fabric comparison by Skirt Fixation

The voile does wrinkle slightly by the end of the day.  Even though I sewed the same size as the 1st Key Largo, I think this version is more flatterning/slimming due to the way the fabric drapes with the curves of my body.

Key Largo Top fabric comparison by Skirt Fixation

The 3rd and final (for now!) Key Largo Top I sewed is from Art Gallery Spices Fusion Rayon Challis Paparounes Spices Fabric.  This was my 1st time working with Art Gallery Fabrics rayon.  I’ve seen the drape of this fabric described as liquid, and that word is truly accurate!  The sleeve ruffles are pure magic on this version.  It’s too bad these photos are stills and not videos!

Key Largo Top fabric comparison by Skirt Fixation

This rayon fabric seems to resist wrinkling, at least it did for me, and I wore it all day!  Rayon fabric is shifty when cutting, so you have to be super careful.  The stripes in this fabric actually helped keep track of where things were supposed to be.  One thing I noticed is that even though I used the exact same method and measurements to create the ruffles on these sleeves as the voile Key Largo Top, these ruffles end lower on my arm.  In my opinion, it’s due to the heavier weight per ounce of the rayon fabric than voile fabric.

Key Largo Top fabric comparison by Skirt Fixation

And the rayon fabric does “relax” during the day while wearing it, so it doesn’t look quite as fitted at the end of the day as at the beginning.  Also, this version will extend into fall wear because it has less breathability than rayon.  It is also slightly sheer fabric, and I’m wearing the same tank underneath.

Want to see them all side by side?  Here you go:

Key Largo Top fabric comparison by Skirt Fixation

Overall, I’m pretty excited about my 3 new Key Largo Tops!  They each have slightly different feel and look when being worn.  Now head over to Hey June Handmade so you can add ruffles to all your Key Largo Tops too!  Leave me a comment about which of these versions you like best and why.

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7 thoughts on “Key Largo Top in 3 Different Substrates!

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  2. Just found you through the Hey June blog. Love your Key Largos! And am picking fabric to make one with ruffles tomorrow – thanks for the tutorial!! Question on the voile… I see says handwash and drip dry – did you follow that or machine wash/dry prior to cutting? Thanks

    1. Thanks, Diana! I machine washed and dried prior to cutting. Since then I have been washing it in the machine and air drying it. All of them are holding up great!

  3. All three look great on you! Love the ruffles addition

  4. Upon reading this, I immediately made one in voile with a ruffle like yours at the sleeves and at the bottom hem. It’s sooo cute! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Ooh excellent blouses and review!!! Great tutorial too!

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