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Sandbridge Skirt & Trevi Top Outfit

Sandbridge Skirt sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

Sandbridge Skirt sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

The Sandbridge Skirt is basically a dream skirt come true!  Several Indie designers have produced patterns for sewing your own jeans, but this is the first one we’ve found for a denim skirt.  And because it’s from one of our favorite pattern companies, Hey June Patterns, we’re totally enthralled.

Sandbridge Skirt sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

The Sandbridge Skirt has all the details of jeans, in a skirt.  The Sandbridge Skirt pattern can be sewn in 11 sizes from 2 to 22.  There are 2 possible views to sew, View A, which is a mini, and View B which I sewed.  Both views can have a raw hem like I made, or there are instructions to give the hem a more finished look.  To make this one knee length for my 6’ tall frame, I added 3 inches to the hem.

Sandbridge Skirt sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation


The Sandbridge Skirt is designed to sit on the hips, and I made the size 6, expecting my body shape to still change a little due to being 5 months postpartum.  It currently sits lower than my waist, but not quite on my hips.  In the above photo, you can see the little reason it’s not fitting quite yet peeking out over my arm!  Also, it’s paired with my navy blue Seafarer top, for a more casual look.

Sandbridge Skirt sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

For the next Sandbridge Skirt I make, I plan to change the shape of the hem to be slightly a-line rather than narrowing at the hem as this one does.  This is simply due to the fact that I have to randomly break into a sprint to catch one child or another.  And this hemline is just a bit constricting for that type of activity.

Sandbridge Skirt sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

The fabric for this Sandbridge Skirt is some Richloom Ellery Floral Denim Fabric By The Yard purchased from several years ago.   It is actually cotton duck fabric, but acts just like denim.

Sandbridge Skirt sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

The Sandbridge Skirt pattern is very well drafted.  Since I have sewn jeans for my sons, that gives me some experience in this type of sewing.  But I have to say the zip fly instructions are the best I’ve come across!

Sandbridge Skirt sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

Speaking of finished look, the inside of the Sandbridge Skirt is a thing of beauty!  I used the opportunity to use some delicious chambray to finish the waistband inside, and a little yellow grosgrain ribbon tag.

Sandbridge Skirt sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

As with any jean pattern, topstitching is key to making the finished product not look home made.  Once again, I find it ironic to spend hours making an article of clothing NOT look like I sewed it!  I had fun with the back pockets, and what you see here is actually my 2nd attempt, the first ended up too fancy for my liking with everything else going on with this skirt!  And those back crossed belt loops tickle me too.

Sandbridge Skirt sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

The other garment featured in these photos is the Trevi Top.  It is another pattern by Hey June Patterns, and has some really special details.  When this pattern was released, I immediately envisioned it in lace!  My version happens to be a skirt I refashioned, and I’ll have a full tutorial later in the week.

Sandbridge Skirt sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

The button up back feature is one of my favorite parts of the Trevi Top.  I kept the original tie from the waist of the skirt, and by weaving it in and out of the holes I can give the waistline a little definition if I want to.  In my opinion, it looks better belted with a long skirt, and unbelted with a shorter skirt like this.

Sandbridge Skirt sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

Incidentally, only the top button on this Trevi Top is functional, and I forgot to button it for this photo shoot!  This makes is easier to button up, and made the construction easier because of the lace.  Is the Sandbridge Skirt worth it?  For me it’s a definite yes!

If you’ve made it this far in this very loooong post, leave me a comment!

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20 thoughts on “Sandbridge Skirt & Trevi Top Outfit

  1. I love this fabric and it is still available!! The description on the site says it is dry clean. Did you wash yours??

    1. Jean, I through mine in both the washer and dryer! It wrinkles up a bit and needs ironed, but other than that it’s great!

      1. Perfect!

  2. Oh I love your sandbridge!! Gorgeous topstitching and pockets and insides! Love seeing your littlest too! An a line is intriguing. Where would you start?

    1. Emily – perhaps below the hips? I love everything about the top of this one…

  3. For another denim skirt option, try the Rosari Skirt by Pauline Alice. It was my first foray into denim bottom weight, and I love it! Much more a-line than this one, so can totally justify both in one closet.

    1. Oh, thanks for the recommendation! I’ll have to check it out.

  4. This is so pretty, Audrey! The fabric you used is so fun. I love the crossed belt loops in the back– what a cute idea! I usually put two belt loops in the center back instead of just one but I hadn’t thought to criss cross them. Maybe I will next time!

    1. I thought it was recommended as one of the options in the pattern? I’m not sure I would have been that creative myself! 😉

  5. I know you said the skirt is not sitting quite right on you, but, to be honest, I like the way it’s sitting better than any of the others I’ve seen. It’s very flattering where it is. A couple I’ve seen made the wearer’s bum look like it was going to fall off. 😉

    1. I noticed that too, but thought maybe the pocket placement was off. I’m pretty happy with where this one sits on me too!

  6. Love the skirt and very beautiful topstitching!

    1. Thank you! I just ordered a whole bunch more topstitching thread… 😉

  7. Love this. It looks so professional. Great job!!

  8. I was just sighing about trying to find a boughten jean skirt that had all the right details. I just might have to spend a weekend or two trying to sew one now. Thanks!

    1. Oh, you really need to! You’ll love it!

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