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Sweet Valentine Exchange 2017

For posterity, I thought I’d add a little post here sharing another Instagram swap I participated in.  (You can follow us on Instagram here.)

The Sweet Valentine Exchange or SVE is a swap happening in February on Instagram.  Like all swaps, you are assigned a secret partner and someone is assigned to you.  You know a little of their likes and dislikes from a general form everyone fills out, but much you learn by “stalking” them on Instagram.

SVE17 swap

We were assigned to make something Valentine-y for @favouritepeopleapparel  and from studying her Instagram feed and her form, we decided this Sew Together Bag would be the perfect thing…stuffed with sewing goodies and some chocolate too!

From @runkarrycreate we received this darling denim pouch, stuffed with candy.  The kids gobbled the candy, and I’m still deciding what treasures to keep in the personalized denim pouch.

If you’d like to see more of what was given and received in the Sweet Valentine 2017 swap, check out this hashtag on Instagram, #sve17.

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