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Summer Skirt Awards 2016

Summer 2016 Skirt Awards

Edited to add: Yippee!  I’m so excited to announce that the great sewing teacher, Mie from Sewing Like Mad won a $40 gift certificate to Imagine Gnats; sponsored in part by the generous Rachel from Imagine Gnats.  

Summer 2016 Skirt Awards

The other morning I actually donned a sweater!  Fall is here, so that means it’s time for the Summer Skirt Award 2016!  Yes!  I know you’ve been waiting and watching all the skirts of the season, so relax and enjoy the skirts on parade!  Since it’s our 10th Skirt Award Ceremony we want to do something special.  We’re going to put up a poll at the end so you can vote on your favorite of these skirts, and the winner will receive a gift certificate to Imagine Gnats!  (So they can by more fabric and make more skirts, of course!)  All right…the best summer skirts of 2016:

Best Woven Skirt Award

The amazing Bonnie from Whisk ‘Em sewed up this skirt.  The contrast striping on the skirt delights the eyes and is perfect for summer!  Bonnie here’s your badge:

Summer 2016 Skirt Awards by Skirt Fixation

Best Skirt Tutorial

It’s pretty well established in the sewing community that if you need to know how to sew something the right way, ask Mie from Sewing Like Mad.  So it’s no surprise that her simple exposed elastic waist skirt tutorial exceeds all the others.   Mie, please accept this award from one of your lowly sewing students!

Summer 2016 Skirt Awards by Skirt Fixation

Best New Pattern

Here at Skirt Fixation we see and sew a lot of skirts from patterns.  So when we see a new release like the Maple Skirt by Jess from Gracious Threads, we get all kinds of excited at how good it is!  Jess, here’s your well earned badge.

Summer 2016 Skirt Awards by Skirt Fixation

Best Knit Skirt

Abbey from Sew Charleston had the same problem as we did when it came to the Axel skirt pattern, she couldn’t make just one!  And her skirts are so darling, and so versatile, we just had to award them the best knit skirt award.

Summer 2016 Skirt Awards by Skirt Fixation

Best Maxi Skirt

Making a maxi skirt for summer can be kind of a tricky situation.  Because you know, it’s summer!  A puzzle which Eryn, from Style Sew Me solved beautifully with this flowy breezy maxi skirt.  Eryn, please accept this award, even if it’s not as classy as your skirt!

Summer 2016 Skirt Awards by Skirt Fixation

Best Little Skirt

Lately we’ve been drawn to the simple but detailed items of clothing.  Something which Karly, of Paisley Roots, has mastered.  Like this little skirt.  You’ve GOT to go to her blog post to see the finer details.  Karly, please honor us by taking this badge!

Summer 2016 Skirt Awards by Skirt Fixation

Most Creative Skirt


The ladies over at the Colette blog can get pretty creative.  And we love when it produces things as amazing as this skirt!  We’re all about trying different materials to create gorgeous skirts!  Ladies, here’s your badge…

Summer 2016 Skirt Awards by Skirt Fixation

Most Fun Skirt

We’re all hands on deck when it comes to a skirt with a strong theme, a fun look, and ultimate wearability.  That what our good friends, the ladies from Simple Simon & Co achieved with this Pokemon Go inspired skirt!  Ladies, we’d be honored if you’d take this award:


Best Skirt Refashion

The Refashioners 2016 Jeanius challenge brought out the old jeans and the most amazing creations ever!  (Did you see the quilt we made for the challenge?)  Well there were several skirt created from old jeans, but one stood out above the rest.  Lisa from Pattern and Branch refashioned jeans into this skirt which still has us oohing and ahhing!  Lisa, your hard earned badge:

Summer 2016 Skirt Awards by Skirt Fixation

Fancy Skirt Award

It may look like just a plain white skirt, but you really need to check out this very fancy skirt by Stacy from Stylin Stacy.  The amount of topstitching and details that went into this one are incredible!  Stacy, here’s your award:

Summer 2016 Skirt Awards by Skirt Fixation

Best Summer Skirt

This sunshiny skirt could have won the award in several of the above categories, but HELLO SUMMER!  Alyssa, from The Sewing Goatherd, sewed up this skirt that sings sum, sum, summertime!  Alyssa, here’s your award:

Summer 2016 Skirt Awards by Skirt Fixation

Now that’s almost the end!  But remember to vote for your favorite skirt.  Voting will remain open through the weekend, and we’ll update this post with the winner on Monday.  If you won an award, right click on it to take it home and display it proudly!

Which Skirt Is Your Favorite of Summer 2016?

  • Best Summer Skirt by The Sewing Goatherd (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Best Knit Skirt by Sew Charleston (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Most Fun Skirt by Simple Simon and Co (3%, 2 Votes)
  • Fancy Skirt Award by Stylin Stacy (4%, 3 Votes)
  • Best Maxi Skirt by Style Sew Me (4%, 3 Votes)
  • Most Creative Skirt by the Colette Blog (4%, 3 Votes)
  • Best Woven Skirt by Whisk 'Em (5%, 4 Votes)
  • Best Skirt Refashion by Pattern and Branch (11%, 8 Votes)
  • Best New Pattern by Gracious Threads (20%, 15 Votes)
  • Best Little Skirt by Paisley Roots (22%, 16 Votes)
  • Best Skirt Tutorial by Sewing Like Mad (24%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 74

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  2. My goodness, thank you SO much! What an honor and wow, what a lot of cool skirts I have missed over the summer. I need to catch up!

  3. Thank you for the award! I have linked and display the badge on my features page:

  4. Thanks so much for the award! Next year I’m going on an 11 month mission trip to 11 different countries and that skirt will definatly be going around the world with me!

  5. Thanks for posting my skirt! What a fun competition!

  6. Thank you so much! Keep on ‘skirting’!

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