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Nautical Baby Quilt {My Sister’s Quilts #5}

Nautical baby quilt

My Sister's Quilts series

This is the fifth entry in a series about baby quilts made by Aunt Sarah for her 15 nieces and nephews.  We talked her into sharing each one here on Skirt Fixation.  The next one in line is for Thomas, my fourth child.  I asked Sarah (who her nieces and nephews call Aunt Fess or Auntie Fessy) to share what she remembered about making this quilt.

Nautical baby quilt

Like almost all the quilts that I have made for my nieces and nephews, I started this one before I knew that Thomas was a boy!  Red and white quilts were quite popular at the time, and I really wanted to make one.  Then after Thomas was born I decided to add the ships to make it more boyish :-).

Nautical baby quilt

Its fun looking back on all these quilts because when I see each one of them I say “oh wow, that was my favorite one!”   But I guess maybe it’s okay to have more than one favorite :-).

Nautical baby quilt

If I’m honest I don’t remember very much about the construction of this quilt.  But I do love the end result.  I always think it makes it more interesting when a quilt backing has some character as well.

Nautical baby quilt

I marvel at the time I used to have to make these quilts.  And now that I have my own kids and I’m busy running around after their hobbies it makes me long for the time when I got to focus on my own!

Nautical baby quilt

I hope there is mostly smooth sailing in his future, but I also predict that this nephew will be able to navigate the sometimes stormy seas of life with ease!

Love Aunt Fess

Nautical baby quiltThanks Sarah for sharing.  One of my favorite things about this quilt is the red, white & Blue variegated thread used for quilting!  I think this nautical baby quilt would be perfect for any baby, and the color scheme is perfect for sewing a baby quilt before you know the gender!  We’ll see you next month for the next installment of My Sister’s Quilts.

2 thoughts on “Nautical Baby Quilt {My Sister’s Quilts #5}

  1. That is so incredibly gorgeous. I love the colors and the ships are perfect!

  2. I’m sooo pleased at getting to see these lovely creations again. Thanks for sharing Fess & Thanks for the wonderful idea Audrey!

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