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Forest Floor Adventure

Skirt Fixation for Forest Floor Fabrics Blog Tour

Skirt Fixation for Forest Floor Fabrics Blog Tour

Stepping into the forest, on and off the path, in the dappled lighting we discovered quite an adventure.

Skirt Fixation for Forest Floor Fabrics Blog Tour

A deer bounded across the path and paused to stare at us with it’s great doe eyes.

Skirt Fixation for Forest Floor Fabrics Blog Tour

Four squirrels nibbled corn a forbidden arms length away.

Skirt Fixation for Forest Floor Fabrics Blog Tour

Something mysterious swam just beneath the water,  surfaced with a splash and dove down again before we came to a decision as to it’s nature.

Skirt Fixation for Forest Floor Fabrics Blog Tour

Creatures rustled through the branches overhead as bird song lightened our steps.

forest floor 2 forest floor 1

The Forest Floor line of fabrics inspired my sewing creations like no other fabric has done for a while!  There are 20 fabrics in Bonnie Christine’s new Forest Floor line of fabric, and I used 7 of them in my creations.  I probably would have used even more if I could have gotten my hands on them!

Inspired by her experience of living in the forest, Bonnie creates a whimsical world where dreams of a magical place come to life.  Forest Floor hopes to ignite the exploration of forest curiosities, and take you on an adventure filled with green and oak flora and delicate berry tinted fauna that inhabits the wondrous depths of the mountains.

Explore the collection deeper: the collection | the lookbook | on instagram | about the collection 



Today is our stop on the Forest Floor Fabrics blog tour.   The previous stop was at My Crowded Nest with a darling hexi quilt.  (Hello quilting goals!)  Tomorrow the ladies from Sweetwater Cotton Shoppe will share their creations made with Forest Floor Fabrics.

Skirt Fixation for Forest Floor Fabrics Blog Tour

We started with Flourish Aglow fabric in knit and made an Uptown Downtown maxi dress for Annie.  The combination of fabric and pattern caused Annie to positively float through our forest adventure.  This is the 4th Uptown Downtown dress I’ve made for Annie.

Skirt Fixation for Forest Floor Fabrics Blog Tour

It’s not only that they are simply darling on her, it’s that they must be amazingly comfortable because she wears them constantly.  This pattern has been updated, but since I had Annie’s size already cut out (she just needed extra length from the last time) I used the pattern I already had prepared.

Skirt Fixation for Forest Floor Fabrics Blog Tour

When Baby is finished nursing, I totally plan to make myself an Uptown Downtown dress from Art Gallery Fabrics.  It is the softest, most floaty knit ever!

Skirt Fixation for Forest Floor Fabrics Blog Tour

I also made Annie a backpack from Wild Posy Flora fabric and the FREE pattern from Sew Much Ado.   Later this week we’ll have a detailed post about the backpacks we made so this post doesn’t become epic in length.

Skirt Fixation for Forest Floor Fabrics Blog Tour

After Annie’s dress was completed, I sewed some button up shirts for my two youngest boys.  When I first saw (and fell in love with) the Forest Floor Fabrics, it struck me that there are several fabrics in this line suitable for boys wear.  Which always excites me.

Skirt Fixation for Forest Floor Fabrics Blog Tour

David’s shirt is made from Timber Nightfall fabric.  The pattern is the Sis Boom Ethan Shirt, my favorite button up shirt for boys.  He is wearing his Classic Chinos with this shirt.

Skirt Fixation for Forest Floor Fabrics Blog Tour

Baby’s shirt is also from the Ethan Shirt pattern, and it’s made from Luna Rising Shadow fabric.  This is probably my favorite piece of everything I made!  It could be the way the fabric makes his eyes pop!

Skirt Fixation for Forest Floor Fabrics Blog Tour

Baby also got a new backpack.  I used Sew Much Ado’s FREE bunny backpack pattern.  On a cuteness scale of 1 to 10, this little backpack is definitely off the charts!  The main part of the backpack uses Capped Dim fabric and the straps are from Maple Mill Fog fabric.  More details later this week.

Skirt Fixation for Forest Floor Fabrics Blog Tour

Since David has a tractor backpack and also a Star Wars backpack he didn’t receive a new one this time.  But he did get to use 2 of the animal pouches I made by hacking the Forest Friends Pocket pattern from Violette Field Threads.  Tutorial tomorrow.  This is where I used all the remaining scraps not used in the clothing.  The deer face is from Laced Moss fabric,  the only fabric not seen elsewhere so far.

All photography credits go to my oldest daughter, Allegra.  Stunning as usual and captures the mood perfectly!

Many thanks to Bonnie Christine for creating another fabulous line of fabric.  To see the rest of the creations on the Forest Floor Fabrics Blog Tour, visit this page on Going Home To Roost daily.

Affiliate links are used in this post.  We might make a few pennies, but not if past performance is any indicator!  Oh well, we remain ever optimistic…


14 thoughts on “Forest Floor Adventure

  1. Wow! You’ve been busy! I love that little dress. Everything was over the top, as usual! Your little ones are so very sweet, too!

    1. Thank you Maxie. This fabric is just so inspiring!

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  3. I absolutely adore that maxi dress!!!!! Like love for real!!

  4. I want one of those dresses for ME!! Seriously adorable! And I LOVE your boys’ shirts too!
    Goodness, lady, where do you get the time with 7 kids?! Allegra, I love the photos too!

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  7. That dress is gorgeous! And I love the backpack and your other sweet creations! They all look amazing in these fabrics xx

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  9. Beautiful! I love it that you also included your boys in the project-their shirts are so cute!

  10. Such a lovely job! This bags are super cute and the dress and T-shirts adorable!! Beautiful work with all these projects and with pictures too

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