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Me Made May Week 5 & Wrap Up

Me Made May Week 3

The final outfits for Me Made May on Instagram are posted, so I thought since I made it through the event on I’d go ahead and complete the process here on the blog too.  (If you are on Instagram, you can follow us here.)

Saturday, May 28: Union St Tee details here.  Interestingly, this was the only full outfit repeat in the whole month!

Sunday, May 29: Cheyenne Tunic details here, Lane Raglan turned sleeveless layering piece details here.

Oh nothin, just a new #syrahskirt I sewed for myself… #mmmay16 #memademay2016 #memademay #unionsttee #newfavoriteoutfit

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Monday, May 30: Union St. Tee details here, ombre Syrah Skirt, blog post coming soon!

Tuesday, May 31: Renfrew top details here, Marigold skirt details here.

Thoughts on Me Made May:

Me Made May is an event that is held on Instagram in May.  The purpose is to promote handmade clothing in contrast to factory/third world country sewn garments.  As with our Buy or DIY skirts series, it illustrated very well the advantages of sewing your own clothing.  Many seamstresses who participate grow tired of posting selfies in their handmade duds, and indeed that was the very reason I dropped out of Me Made May last year.  I don’t do selfies, but I do wear handmade clothing (almost) every day.  So this year I thought I’d try flat lay photos to show what I was wearing each day.  I learned some things about flat lay photo layouts through the process:

  • My most “liked” photo was this one I’m guessing people liked the fabric of the top and the color combination.
  • My most commented on photo was this one due to questions about the fabric and pattern sources.  I’m guessing the bright colors caught everyone’s eye as they were scrolling.
  • My personal favorite outfit was this one…probably because it is new!
  • Shoes look better when laid like this with one on it’s side.
  • Lighting matters
  • Wrinkles matter

That’s about it!  Got any other tips for flat lay photos for me?  How about handmade clothes?  Or Me Made May?

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