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Me Made May 2016 Week 2

Me Made May Week 3

Yea!  I made it through another week of Me Made May on Instagram!  If you missed it in real time, here’s what I wore since last Friday, all in one spot with the original blog posts linked too.

Another day, another #laneraglan hoodie. Plus my most colorful #syrahskirt for #memademay #mmmay16 #memademay16

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Saturday May 7: Lane Raglan Hoodie blogged here and Syrah Skirt blogged here.

Sunday May 8: Cheyenne Tunic blogged here and Jocose Yoga A-line skirt blogged here.

Monday May 9: New Lane Raglan blogged here and Ina Skirt blogged here.

Tuesday May 10: Halifax Hoodie blogged here.

Wednesday May 11: Union St. Tee blogged here.

The other #unionsttee layered with a slouchy RTW shirt and my refashioned mermaid skirt. #mmmay16 #memademay16 #memademay

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Thursday May 12: Union St. Tee blogged here and refashioned mermaid skirt blogged here.

Friday May 13: Seafarer Top blogged here.

Usually on Fridays we post about our All The Skirts series.  But we’re taking a month long break because our next fabric sponsor, Imagine Gnats, closed her shop for a month due to a surgery.  And we really want you to be able to get fabric from her amazing shop!  So we’ll continue All The Skirts the first Friday in June.

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