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Me Made May 2016 Week 1

Me Made May Week 3

Usually on Fridays we post about our All The Skirts series.  But we’re taking a month long break because our next fabric sponsor, Imagine Gnats, closed her shop for a month due to a surgery.  And we really want you to be able to get fabric from her amazing shop!  So we’ll continue All The Skirts the first Friday in June.  

I’m participating in an event called Me Made May over on Instagram.  During the month of May I’ll be doing Friday round up posts here on the blog, but if you want to see what I’m wearing that I sewed on a daily basis, follow us on Instagram!  Here’s what I’ve worn so far:

May 1: Cheyenne Tunic and self made tank pattern review here.

May 2: Lane raglan p.j. shirt review here.  Jocole A-line Yoga skirt review here.

May 3: Lane Raglan shirt reviewed here.

May 4: New Lane Raglan pattern reviewed here and Star Wars clutch for sale here.

May 5: Shake It Off Lane Raglan reviewed here, Jocole pencil skirt reviewed here, Jocole leggings, not blogged, but pattern reviewed here.

May 6: Lane Raglan reviewed here, Jocole A-line yoga skirt, reviewed here.

So are you seeing a trend here?  Let me give you a hint…I really love patterns by Hey June Handmade!  And so my pledge for Me Made May is to wear as many different Hey June Handmade garments in a row as I can without repeats.  I’ll see how many days I can make it.  Then I’ll continue wearing me made clothing for the rest of the month.  Not really a big deal since I make 75% of my clothing.  Last year I did not document all the way through Me Made May due to my refusal to take selfies, and the awkward photos I was trying to come up with!  So this year I’m trying my hand at flat lay photos.  There’s obviously room for improvement, but at least I hope to make it through the Me Made May.

Are you participating in Me Made May?

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