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Birthday #3 {Project Sew It}

Knight Hoodie for Project Sew It


There’s something inspirational going on this year.  Celina of Petit a Petit and Family created Project Sew It.  You can read all about it here, but the basic premise is to sew one thing every month.  I’m putting my own twist on it by sewing one thing for each of my nieces and nephews for their birthdays this year.  It won’t end up being once per month, and sometimes it’ll be more than once per month, but it’s my goal!  I sew so much for my kids, that I want to share the sewing love.

For the third birthday of my nieces and nephews, I decided to sew another Knight Hoodie.  This particular nephew has officially entered those hard to sew for boy years!  An adoring aunt has to be careful about using cute-sy fabric and babyish patterns.  Since my son Thomas (who is a year older than this nephew) likes and wears his Knight Hoodie often, I thought it would be a safe choice.  I’ve also sewn a Knight Hoodie for another son, David, who is quite a bit younger, so I think the Knight Hoodie is a particularly good choice for any boy…and even a girl!

Knight Hoodie

I had the opportunity to try this Knight Hoodie on my nephew before giving it to him, which was really fortunate due to the armholes not being wide enough to layer another shirt underneath.  Kind of the whole point of a hoodie, right?

Knight Hoodie for Project Sew It

It looks like my nephew loves his new Knight Hoodie!  Apparently his family had recently attended a Medieval Festival and they are hooked on all things Medieval, so this Knight Hoodie was perfect timing!

I also wanted to share a quick tip on how to get pockets to line up across a zipper because it’s something I’ve struggled with often and spent quality time with my seam ripper over and over again.

How to line up a zipper to pockets.

To begin, sew on one side of the zipper to the garment.  Then use chalk or some other marking tool to mark the top and the bottom of the pockets on both sides of the zipper.

How to line up a zipper with pockets.

Put the other side of the zipper in place, carefully lining up the marks at the top and bottom of the zipper and sew in place.  Easy and a successful pocket match up the first time, every time!  Now if only I can remember to use my own tip the next time I install a zipper!

Thanks to my sister for the photos of her son in his Knight Hoodie.

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  1. Awesome tip! Thanks for sharing, & great job on the medieval hoodie.

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