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All The Skirts: Simple Life Pattern Company & Phat Quarters

All The Skirts: SLPco & Phat Quarters

SLPCo & Phat Quarters

Today we get to announce the next edition of  All The Skirts.  In case you’re new around here, All The Skirts is a series where we choose a pattern company and sew up all their skirt patterns.  This time we are going to sew up all the skirt patterns from Simple Life Pattern Company (or SLPco as you may see them referred to) using fabric from Phat Quarters.


Simple Life Pattern Company has 6 skirt patterns for girls.  As you look at these skirt patterns, you might notice we have a small problem.  One of the skirt patterns is for baby girls, and we don’t have any baby girls on the staff at Skirt Fixation!  So our good friend Teri from Fa Sew La has agreed to sew up and review this pattern for her adorable baby girl!  Stay tuned for that cuteness later in this edition.


Another thing you will notice as you look at the Simple Life Pattern Company skirts is how perfectly girly they are.  Katie is the genius behind SLPco.  She has two beautiful daughters and they frequently model her amazing patterns.  Please be sure to locate and follow Katie and SLPco on social media through the Rafflecopter widget below.


We really want to encourage you to shop at Phat Quarters, and here’s an exclusive discount code to encourage you to do so!  Use the code PHATSKIRTS for a 10% discount during this edition of All The Skirts.  They’ve got some of the new Art Gallery Fabrics denim, as well as lots of apparel fabrics like knits and voile and double gauze.  And all your favorite quilting cottons too.

Phat Quarters fabric

Phat Quarters is the collaboration of Gemia and Leah.  These two lovely ladies not only curate most amazing fabric at Phat Quarters, but keep the Phat Quarters blog filled with tutorials, review, and more.  You can also connect find and connect them on social media throughout the Rafflecopter widget below.

So now it’s your turn to get involved!  One way you can enter to win Simple Life Pattern Company patterns and gift certificates from Phat Quarters is through the Rafflecopter.  Next week we will review and show you the first Simple Life Pattern Company skirt we’ve sewn using fabric from Phat Quarters.  We’ll also open up the link party where you can link up ANY pattern you’ve made using a SLPCo pattern or anything you’ve made using fabric purchased from Phat Quarters.

For now, go ahead and get shopping at Phat Quarters with the exclusive discount code PHATSKIRTS at checkout for a 10% discount.

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  1. Loving Simple Life Pattern Company and the Phat Quarters fabric!!!

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