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Syrah VS A-line Yoga {Skirt VS Skirt}

The Syrah skirt and the Yoga A-line skirt face off in 5 rounds.

A fun comparison of two knit maxi skirts, the Syrah and Jocole's Yoga A-line

Now you may be saying; “Hold up, we ain’t in wit’ this.  In this here day and age, we know it be destructive to compare women’s bodies or skirts or whatev. We’s ALL beautiful.”  That’s definitely true.  However, just think of the Jocole’s Yoga A-line skirt and Baste + Gather’s Syrah skirt as friends who entered a Queen of the Beach contest purely for fun.  They’re competing against each other, but no matter who wins, they’re still going to get Starbucks together at 3:00 on Tuesdays and neither of them would even think of shopping for shoes without the other one.


Round 1: Pattern

Let’s talk about what these two patterns have in common first.  They both come only in PDF format.  They both love iced mocha lattes.  And both patterns use drawn illustrations rather than photographs for the instructions.

Now the differences.

Sizes: Yoga A-line skirt can be made in 7 different sizes from XS (0-2) to XXXL (24-26)

The Syrah can be made in 12 sizes from 00 – 20

Number of pattern pieces:  Yoga A-line Skirt has 2 pattern pieces and uses 11 pieces of paper.

Syrah skirt has 3 pattern pieces and uses 22 pieces of paper if you print all the sizes.  You can choose to print just your size and this may cut down on the amount of paper used.

Price: As of this date, the Syrah skirt costs $12.00 and the Yoga A-line skirt costs $10.

Also, Syrah loves sushi, and can’t understand why Yoga A-line doesn’t.

Round 2: Variations

The Syrah skirt has 8 style variations including the hemline, length and cut of the skirt.  Syrah wears flowers in her hair and loves the ocean.  The Yoga A-line skirt has 11 variations of length and cut.  Each skirt has 2 waistband options, but all 4 are different.  Yoga A-line likes small restaurants in big cities, and the smell of fresh ink.  The Syrah waistband can be ruched or flat, the Yoga A-line skirt waistband can be regular or foldover.  The Syrah skirt has a lining.  The Yoga A-line skirt has a matching girl pattern that can also be purchased.

Round 3: Sewing

This round is fairly short as each of these skirts only take about an hour to sew.  Each of these patterns uses a similar amount of fabric, and the same type of fabric, knit.  Both Syrah and Yoga A-line are into comfort; they argue over which of them is the most ‘chill’, but end up agreeing that they probably wouldn’t be ‘chill’ if they didn’t have each other as friends.

Round 4: Fit/Style

We’ve made each of these skirts several times (you can see them on our All The Skirts page) so we know about the fit.  The Syrah skirt has a lining, so can be made from lighter fabrics without needing to wear a slip underneath.  It fits loosely around the hips and flares nicely around the hem.  The Yoga A-line skirt hugs the hips and then tapers out to the hem.

And the winner is:

You!  If you choose to sew either one of these skirts, you are bound to be very happy, and most importantly, wearing a hand made skirt.  Now to Starbucks for drinks all around!

The Syrah skirt and the Yoga A-line skirt face off in 5 rounds.

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