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Tulle Anthropologie Knockoff Skirt {Buy or DIY Skirt}

Buy or DIY Skirt comparison by Skirt Fixation

You’ll never believe what I found in the skirt section at Anthropologie! A tulle midi skirt almost exactly like we just made. So it’s time for the next skirt hack in our Buy or DIY skirt series! Today it’s another Anthropologie knock off skirt.Buy or DIY Skirt comparison by Skirt Fixation

BUY or DIY Skirt Details:

Anthropologie Tulle Midi Skirt $168
Fabric Recommendation: Black Tulle 54” Wide Tulle Black Fabric
Pattern Recommendation: Estelle Skirt by Violette Field Threads Estelle Skirt

BUY or DIY Skirt Math:

Anthropologie skirt: $168 retail price
Fabric needed: Tulle: 5 yards at $0.99 per yard 54” Wide Tulle Black Fabric
1 3/4 lining at $4.50 per yard Silky Satin Charmeuse Black Fabric
Notions: 7 inch zipper for $5.12 : Coats Thread & Zippers All-Purpose Plastic Zipper, 7-Inch, Black

Pattern: $10.95
Total $: $17.95
Total Savings: $150.05

So you could make yourself this tulle midi skirt with a little time and effort for a huge savings and look like you shop at Anthropologie. No one would know unless you told them it was an Anthropologie knock off!

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