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Double Gauze Sew Off

Skirt Fixation outtake

Many of you know that I’ve joined up with Becca (of the Free Notion blog) on the Sewing Stadium website.  There we host sewing competitions, Top Stitchers being our main gig.  (But if you have an idea for a sewing contest, approach us, we’ll help you develop and execute!)

Season 3 of Top Stitchers has just concluded, and today, Becca and I are holding the Grand Finale via a double gauze sew off!  I’ll be showing you some outtakes here and sharing some behind the scenes secrets, but be sure to click through to the Sewing Stadium website to see Becca’s double gauze creation and rate our sewing and vote for your favorite.  It’s all in good fun.

Skirt Fixation outtake

The photos you see on the Top Stitchers post today are actually the second photo shoot  we did for this outfit.  The first photoshoot ended up totally unusable.  The photos were hazy, blurry, and the humidiy had wreaked havoc with my hair.  But the above photo is the only one that shows the waistband of the skirt I made.  I used the Flirting the Issue free pattern from Anna Maria Horner and if it looks familiar, it’s because it’s the second time I’ve used this pattern.  The first time was with Nani Iro fabric.  This time I used Alison Glass Hand Dye Batiks Bouquet Jade Fabric for my skirt fabric.  It’s gorgeous fabric.

Skirt Fixation outtake

A little behind the scenes factoid: the older one of these two boys was sick and had fallen asleep when it was time to take these photos.  All he wanted to do was sleep, and then the younger boy decided he should be asleep too, so most of the photos show one or both boys with their eyes closed!  (I did manage to get two good ones, and they are over at Top Stitchers.)  In this photo you can see where I used my double gauze for our double gauze sew off.  My shirt is made of Cotton & Steel BeSpoke Cotton Double Gauze Solid Indigo Fabric.   The pattern is the Granville by Sewaholic Patterns.  (You can see the version Aria made here.)  I made a muslin first, so the fit is spot on.  The only change to the pattern I made (other than fit adjustments) was to make all the interior seams french seams.

Skirt Fixation outtake

You’ll have to visit Top Stitchers to find out why I was posing with animals, but in this outtake, the animals were doing a better job of posing that I was!  But in all fairness, a ladybug had just landed on my face…  Here’s another behind the scenes secret; my Halifax Hoodie isn’t finished!  Back story: the local big box store that has some sewing supplies stuffed in a back corner didn’t have any twill tape, much less 1” black twill tape I needed behind the zipper to support it.  So I used my Amazon Prime super fast shipping to get some fast.  My package arrived yesterday, but they sent 1/4” twill tape, the wrong size.  (Insert all the crying emoji’s here!)  So the zipper is just basted in place until I can make a trip to the Big City and get the right size twill tape.  The fabric though was perfect; it’s black french terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  It has a subtle sheen to it, and I don’t think I’ll be taking this hoodie off until spring arrives.  That is after I finish the zipper!

Skirt Fixation outtake

The final piece of my outfit is this clutch, the Fairport Purse and Pouch which I reviewed last week.  The camera was having a hard time focusing on the clutch, not my face!  Speaking of camera, you may have heard us say before that all our photos are taken with my iPhone6.  That’s significant because Becca is a professional photographer and all her photos are gorgeous.  (So we could probably use your help in the voting area on “Presentation.”  Just saying!)

Skirt Fixation outtake

Becca and I decided for the grand finale we would recap all of the contestants’ entries in some way.  Long story short, that involved me posing in a very s*xy manner. But I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to get a decent photo!  Click on through to Top Stitchers to find out if I was successful.

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