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Top Stitchers Sewing Contest Collaboration

You may remember us blogging about Top Stitchers, a sewing competition?  (Hint: we were inspired by Monet!)  Well, we’ve been holding back on some super exciting news; we’ve joined forces with Becca Duval and we’re going to help her run Top Stitchers!!!

You remember Becca, she was part of the dynamic duo who won Challenge Create: Adult Edition!  We’ve become great friends, and now we’re going to collaborate on a sewing competition together!  And season 3 of Top Stitchers is starting up really soon.  In fact, the competitors are probably already at their sewing machines.


We’ve got the new button on our sidebar.  Those of you waiting for the next edition of Challenge Create, we’d advise you to get involved in Top Stitchers because it’s taking the place of Challenge Create.  Both Becca and I are well aware of the effort it takes to run a sewing competition, so by joining forces, we’re going to divide and conquer and the new sewing contest will be (at least) twice as good!

In the past, Top Stitchers has been held on Becca’s blog, Free Notion, while Challenge Create was held here.  But of course the new collaboration called for something bigger and better, so we’ve created a new website, Sewing Stadium.  Isn’t it gorgeous???

The prompts for the new season of Top Stitchers have just been released, and they are awesome as usual!  To see the new competitor pairings and the prompts, head over to this blog post.

I’m going to be heading up the sew along, and I’m terribly excited about that!  We decided to let everyone sew for any prompt, past or present for the sew along.  That makes 25 total prompts to choose from!  If that sounds overwhelming, here’s a way to help you choose.

 top stitchers prompts

What would your prompt be?  Do you know what it means?  Head over to Sewing Stadium to find out.

Beside sewing competitions, Sewing Stadium has a shop!  Right now in the shop are some t-shirts.  Each one comes in  11 different sizes and 19 different colors.  The one I’m going to be ordering first is this one:


made+this+listingTo see the other really fun shirt designs, click over to the Sewing Stadium shop.  There are some really cool other things coming to the shop soon, so stay tuned.

Alright, that’s all for now.  But we’ve given you sewing homework, so get your machines off and running!


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  1. WOOOO!! I’m SO EXCITED for this season!

  2. This is very exciting!

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