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My 4H Skirt Outfit

Marigold skirt sewn by 12 year old!

Today’s post is written and sewn by Aria, our 12 year old contributing member!Marigold skirt sewn by 12 year old!For the past several summers we have participated in our local 4-H club.  I have made several different projects before, but have only done sewing once, so this year I decided to do sewing again. I wanted to sew something new this time to challenge myself so I decided to create 2 new things; sew a shirt and use knit fabric.Marigold skirt sewn by 12 year old!First I looked at patterns and picked out the Marigold skirt, by Blank Slate Patterns, and the Metro T-shirt, by Leisl + Co. I chose the Marigold skirt because I wanted pockets and I liked the shape of it.  Mom had already made me a Metro T-shirt and it was super comfortable, and so wanted another one. I’ll start with the skirt, because I sewed it first.Marigold skirt sewn by 12 year old!This was the first time I made the Marigold Skirt. I originally wanted to use a fabric that was exactly like the one I used except it was brown. But I couldn’t use the brown piece I found in our stash because it was less than ½ of a yard. This skirt was quite easy to make and I had no trouble doing it. I did have to make the pocket lining out of a different material though because I messed up in cutting out the lining. Mom helped me get it all straightened out. The only thing we purchased for the project was thread.Marigold skirt sewn by 12 year old!The Metro T-shirt was also very easy and the instructions were very clear. I did not have to tile this pattern because of the shirt Mom had already made for me. The only adjustment I made was to widen the shoulders. This fabric was also in our stash, Mom had bought it at JoAnn’s a while back and used it on this Lane Raglan. Since this was my first time making a shirt, I had never sewn on a neckband, but it turned out really nice.   The way the sleeves were attached surprised me (never having made a shirt before) but I really like how they turned out.

Marigold skirt sewn by 12 year old!This fabric is an extremely nice thick knit and I now have several more knit projects planned. One of my favorite parts about making the shirt was hemming it with stitch witchery. This stuff is amazing. All you have to do is fold your raw edge over the width of the stitch witchery. Then you iron it and fold it over again, ironing again so it is easier to sew. This made the nicest hem EVER. And it was SUPER easy.Marigold skirt sewn by 12 year old!I had a lot of fun making this outfit. Now I wear it a LOT, especially the shirt. Now that I’ve sewn this outfit, I feel like I could sew myself just about anything! Or at least I want to try tackling a harder project. Oh, and I won top honors in 4H for this outfit!

4 thoughts on “My 4H Skirt Outfit

  1. Gfeat job! Your outfit looks very comfortable.

  2. Great job. This reminds me of the many 4-H projects I had growing up. It is such as great opportunity to learn a skill that will serve you for a long time.

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  4. Well done Aria.
    Excellent sewing and a very well written Blog post.

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