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A Young Skirt Maker

A young girl sews a skirt!

Today Annie is here with her first blog post to tell us all about a skirt she made all by herself!

A young girl sews a skirt!

I made myself a skirt for my 4H project.  My favorite part was threading the elastic through.  We made some skirts for little girls in Ecuador.  Mom helped me make that one a little bit.  I really liked the fabric I used to make that skirt, so I chose it again to make a skirt for myself.  And it’s my favorite color!

A young girl sews a skirt!

I really like the trim around the bottom.  I like the zig zag ric rac because it reminds me of ruffles!

A young girl sews a skirt!

This skirt is really comfortable when I wear it.  I really like the feathers on the fabric too.  It wasn’t too hard to make this skirt by myself.

A young girl sews a skirt!

I got a blue ribbon on this skirt at 4H!  I wish I would have made pockets in this skirt.  Next time I am going to make pockets in this skirt!

A few more details:  Annie just turned 7 years old.  A skirt is a great project for a young beginning sewist.  She used the FREE Lazy Days Oliver + S skirt pattern.  The fabric was in our stash.  To add pockets, she will follow this modification tutorial.    You can read more about the charity skirt event she referred to here.  Annie isn’t the only Skirt Fixation team member to sew a skirt for her 4H project; read all about the other girl’s project here.

3 thoughts on “A Young Skirt Maker

  1. Cute skirt!

  2. Annie, your skirt is great! I can’t wait until my little girl gets big enough that she can learn to sew. I can’t wait to see your next skirt with pockets!

  3. […] sewed a fun project for 4H this year.  Last year she sewed a skirt, and every year the child is supposed to show advancement of skills.  Now, in her level (K-2,) […]

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