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Vintage Sewing Supplies Find

Vintage Sewing supplies

Vintage Sewing suppliesRecently I stopped at a flea market type store.  I wasn’t looking for vintage sewing supplies, but I came out loaded with them!  I paid less than $25 for everything pictured here.  The shop owner joked that the little vintage sewing box was worth the $19 price tag on it alone, and she had no clue what was inside!

Vintage Sewing suppliesThe girls and I felt like it was our collective birthday, and opened the box together.  The little vintage sewing box had two hinged lids.  We opened the one on the side first.  Inside was a thread spool rack complete with vintage wooden spools of thread!

Vintage Sewing suppliesThen we opened the hinged lid on top.  It was crammed to the top with vintage sewing supplies!  Some of us were simply wiggling in anticipation to see what was under the top layer.

Vintage Sewing suppliesUnderneath the top layer was a mostly full layer of tiny thread spools.  So darling!

Vintage Sewing suppliesAnother layer of vintage sewing supplies, all in a hodgepodge.  We are guessing that the condition of the sewing box was NOT due to the original owner, but a descendant of hers.  We had fun inventing a story about that little old lady who originally used these vintage sewing supplies.

Vintage Sewing suppliesWe finally made it to the bottom of the vintage sewing box.  All that was left in the bottom was a scrap of wool suiting.

Vintage Sewing suppliesAllegra sorted everything into categories and we just oohed and aahed over everything.  Just look at this assortment of vintage buttons!  The ones right in the middle are fabric covered.

Vintage Sewing suppliesLook at all this hardware!  They certainly don’t make snaps and hook and eyes of the same sturdy quality any more.  Has anyone else noticed that?  I’ll take the vintage sewing supplies over the new any time!

Vintage Sewing suppliesHere’s an assortment of vintage pins and needles.  Allegra, who does most of the hand sewing around here, was so delighted with the quality of these.  She says it’s really hard to find thin needles, and can’t wait to use them.

Vintage Sewing suppliesI’m not even exactly sure what everything is in this last photo of assorted vintage sewing supplies.  But I just love how well worn everything is; as if it was used for 50 years or more!  That round metal thing in the upper left corner is a little metal tape measure.  Completely adorable!

We’re trying to decide whether to leave the box in it’s original condition (well, clean up some of the dust, of course!) or paint it some fun new color.  What would you do with this little sewing box?  Do you snap up or pass on vintage sewing supplies?

4 thoughts on “Vintage Sewing Supplies Find

  1. What a great find!! My vote would be to definitely keep the box it’s original wood look, with the cute little flower flourish on it! Polishing it with a rag dipped in olive oil+lemon juice will work wonders!!

  2. What a great find! I dream of someday coming across something so charming as that box. My suggestion for Allegra who likes thin sewing needles is to look for “straw needles” by John James. Long, thin, and slightly flexible, they are my favorite hand sewing needles. (I like the size 10)

  3. What a wonderful find! I haven’t bought hooks and eyes or ‘poppers'(what we call snaps) for ages because my friend gave me her mothers sewing box. and I used up her stash of elastic to sew skirts like you did, but for Ethiopia!
    Love that you had all the friends round to be part of the project.

    I wanted to warn about the little modern pack of reels of thread. Someone gave me some like that. I use it for tacking/basting because the quality is a bit rubbish. It breaks easily – so not to be trusted for holding clothing together very long – and there are sometimes little knots where the ends of threads have been joined. They can catch in the tension discs and are Very Difficult to get out. At times I have used it in the bobbin when I am stitching something decorative on top like your rickrack and so on.
    Sandy in the UK

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