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Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt Swap

Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt Swap

We participated in another Instagram swap called the Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt Swap.  For this swap, everyone was required to make a mini quilt, defined as a quilt with the sides measuring between 18 and 24 inches.  We’ve made quilts before, and have several in progress, but this was a first on making a mini quilt.  (You can see the cowboy quilt, Allegra’s 1st quilt, and the Project Linus quilt, & Allegra’s embroidered quilt to name a few.)  Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt SwapFrom our assigned partner’s Pinterest board, we picked out a quilt block pattern.  It’s called interlocking squares.  It really looks more complicated than it is, because we made it with mostly half square triangles or HST as they are known in the quilting world.  Also, the star in the middle is made from HST.   For the quilting outside the interlocking squares, we followed the lines of the squares so the quilting is interlocking squares too!  Inside the squares, we just did stitch in the ditch to allow that butterfly to fly freely!Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt SwapBut the butterfly in the middle is special because Allegra worked her embroidery magic on it!  She embroidered most of the little sections on the butterfly in shades of pink, but also around the tiny edge pieces in gold thread. Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt SwapHer hand embroidery is so amazing!  Just search the blog for embroidery to see more of her amazing work!Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt SwapOn the back of the mini quilt, we made a specialized label just for the occasion.  This labeling is another difference between a mini quilt and a full size quilt.  Curvy Clutch made by Skirt FixationUsually there are extras included in an Instagram swap.  So we made a curvy clutch.  The pattern can be found for free from Pink Door FabricsThe Curvy Clutch made by Skirt FixationActually we made two of these curvy clutches.  That’s because we were actually participating in another swap called The Selfish Swap. Selfish SwapNow maybe you’ve figured out that we like to keep it light and have some fun every once in a while, and that’s exactly what The Selfish Swap was.  This swap was the brainchild of Abby from Things for Boys and everyone on Instagram had such fun making things for their “partner” and complaining about their partner and so on! The Curvy ClutchSo the eyelet Curvy Clutch is for our selfish swap partner. The Curvy Clutch made by Skirt FixationWe used little metal zippers for the top, orange suede for the contrast top, and of course, Cotton and Steel fabric! The Curvy Clutch made by Skirt FixationFor the inside of the Curvy Clutch, we used some more bee/bug fabric, first seen here on a top for Annie.  Turtle Pincushion made by Skirt FixationThe last hand made extra item is a little turtle pin cushion.  We started with a free template, but made the turtle shell bigger so it would be more like a pincushion. Turtle pin cushion made by Skirt FixationAnd instead of just a circle, we first sewed together 4 scraps of Cotton and Steel fabric and put the center of the circle at the middle of the 4 fabric pieces. Turtle pin cushion made by Skirt FixationAnd once again, we made two of them, the other being for our “selfish swap” partner!  Allegra did the hand sewing on the turtles and gave them little french knot eyes!  Cuties.Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt SwapWe added some store bought extras for our partner, Chai tea, dark chocolate, Cotton & Steel fabric, and some new quilting pins.  Then we tied up the mini quilt with a piece of selvedge and packaged it up and sent it off!  Our partner posted on Instagram when she received it, and loves it!Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt SwapNow for what we received for the Cotton and Steel mini quilt swap.  The Fiber Chick had us for her secret partner, and we really loved everything she sent us. Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt SwapWhen we opened the package, the first thing we saw was this little cat pouch.  It is simply darling and has a scissors charm for a zipper pull.  We opened the cat pouch to find some treasures inside! Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt SwapThere was this beautiful mini quilt.  We know she used English Paper Piecing, a method we want to try, to fussy cut those beautiful lions. Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt SwapShe also made us a pincushion using the Fancy Fox quilting pattern, another thing we really want to try! Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt SwapAnd then there were two adorable fabric boxes. Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt SwapWe’re already using them to store extra sewing supplies just laying around.  And the last thing The Fiber Chick sent us was more quilting pins.  Always a necessary item around the Skirt Fixation sewing room! Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt SwapAll in all, we’re really happy with this swap.  We felt quite a bit more relaxed than our first swap, the Liberty of London swap, and actually were more pleased with the end result overall.

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5 thoughts on “Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt Swap

  1. That quilt is darling! I love the embroidered butterfly.

  2. So many goodies to see in this post! I have just signed up for a cotton + steel charm swap, so there will soon be plenty of c+s in my life! Happy swapping.

  3. You guys always amaze me! That quilt is so beautiful! ALLEGRA!! You are awesome, girl!
    One day, I bet you embroider an entire outfit~ you have SKILLZ.

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