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A Rainbow For Katy

Rainbow Sew Together Bag sewn by Skirt Fixation

A rainbow for KatyToday is the birthday of a sewing superstar!  In the sewing world, pretty much everyone has heard of and is in awe of Katy who sews and blogs at No Big Dill.  She has inspired many people with her beautiful sewing, photography and blogging.  And today is her birthday!  We wanted to thank Katy for all the times she’s inspired us to greater heights and so we made her a gift.  We invited some of our sewing and blogging pals to surprise Katy and help celebrate her birthday…Katy Style!

Now what exactly is Katy style?  Although we’ve never met Katy, we feel like we have learned about Katy Style through her beautiful blog.  One thing we’ve learned is that Katy loves to “rainbowtize” things.  She is the master at organizing things beautifully in rainbow color order!  We also have gleaned the information that orange is her favorite rainbow color and purple is her least favorite rainbow color.  And stark black and white complement the rainbow perfectly in Katy’s world.  The last thing we’ve come to learn about Katy is that she’s a budding bee keeper.  So we took all those little tidbits of information and combined them together into a gift for Katy.  After we show you our rainbow for Katy, we’ll show you what some other bloggers created.  And if you want to see everything in one place, we’re curating a new Pinterest board called “A Rainbow For Katy!

Rainbow Sew Together Bag sewn by Skirt Fixation

We made Katy a Sew Together Bag.  After we realized there are 7 colors in the rainbow and 7 compartments in the Sew Together Bag, we knew this would be the perfect gift for Katy. Rainbow Sew Together Bag sewn by Skirt FixationFrom the stash, we picked our finest fabrics.  There was a suede black and white piece just barely big enough for the exterior of the Sew Together Bag.  (This fabric was used 1st on a shirt for one of my boys last year.) Rainbow Sew Together Bag sewn by Skirt FixationWe made binding from a piece of beeswax colored bee fabric by Moda.  The zipper tabs are little pieces left from Aria’s black denim jacket.Rainbow Sew Together Bag sewn by Skirt FixationAlthough the outside looks sedate and sophisticated, when the Sew Together Bag is opened, a rainbow bursts out!  A red silky fabric starts off the rainbow party. Rainbow Sew Together Bag sewn by Skirt FixationNext, inside the 1st zipper compartment, orange bee fabric hides.  (Do you remember what we made Annie from this fabric?Rainbow Sew Together Bag sewn by Skirt FixationYellow shot cotton comes next, followed by a green and blue green shot cotton from Imagine Gnats.  (We used the yellow on our new FREE skirt pattern, The Pegasus Skirt!Rainbow Sew Together Bag sewn by Skirt FixationAlso, we decided to add another blue/green hue to the rainbow and leave off one of the purples at the end in true Katy Style! Rainbow Sew Together Bag sewn by Skirt FixationThe navy blue is a dark, silky fabric, but we used a bright blue for the zipper above it!  (Navy that we used first on this top for Annie.Rainbow Sew Together Bag sewn by Skirt FixationThe remaining section is purple, but we chose a dusky purple, barely even purple in some lights!  (We used this fabric first on a different Sew Together Bag!)  And we diminished the purple even further by adding an orange felt needle lading and bee pin cushion. Rainbow Sew Together Bag sewn by Skirt FixationWe really hope this Sew Together Bag is true Katy style and that she loves it!  It really was nerve racking sewing a gift for a sewing superstar, and many of the seams were ripped out and re-sewn several times!

Now for some more rainbowtized fun!rolled flower fabric headband diy tutorial

Mandy of Sugar Bee Crafts made this adorable fabric headband.

Rainbow Dress Hanging 1 (1)

Jenn from A Jennuine Life made this sweet rainbow dress and many more rainbow party items.

Melanie from The Crafty Cupboard made a dreamy rainbow tote!

Michelle from Falafel and the Bee made a colorful tankini!

Catherine from Cath Grace made the most gorgeous tribute dress, rainbow style, of course!


Amy of Sews N Bows made this rainbowtized bow.

Jess from Craftiness Is Not Optional made this perfect printable!

Miranda of One Little Minute Blog made a darling rainbowtized Pennant Banner.

Kelly of Sewing In No Man’s Land made a rainbow skirt and you just know we LOVE that!

Anneliese from Aesthetic Nest crafted a Rainbow Boho Tassel Necklace and linked to several other rainbow projects on her blog!

Melissa from Rebel & Malice made this adorable Triangle Rainbow Zipper Pouch.


Becca from Free Notion used one of Katy’s tutorials and rainbow stamps to create the perfect shirt!

Emily from Nap Time Creations sewed up this amazing Rainbow Circle Skirt!  Eek! {Heart eyes emojis!}

The Dye Diva Patterns is showcasing this darling rainbow dress.

Al from Shaffer Sisters has a tutorial for this darling pillowcase dress!

Stay tuned as I work through the day adding all the other rainbowtized creations!  Also, check out the hashtag #arainbowforKaty on Instagram!

Happy Birthday, Katy!


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