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Spring 2015 Skirt Awards

Spring Skirt Awards 2015

Spring Skirt Awards 2015We didn’t forget about it, and we know you didn’t either, so now that summer is officially here, it’s time for the Spring 2015 Skirt Awards!  Grab your popcorn and take your seats everyone, we are about to lower the lights…

Most Creative Skirt Award

This award heralds back to Kids Clothes Week Spring 2015!  There was this little hand stamped swan skirt for the Wild Things theme.  Ornella, from over at My Cute Sewing, made this little cutie!  Here’s your badge.Spring Skirt Awards

Fancy Skirt Award

Now you all have probably heard us say before how we view a skirt as a blank palette, and obviously Rebecca Bryan of Bryan House Quilts does too!  She combined two of our loves, quilting and skirts, for this amazing, fantastic fancy skirt.  Rebecca, here’s your well deserved badge!Spring Skirt Awards

Knit Skirt Award

 This skirt also came out of the spring Kid Clothes Week event.  Davina, who blogs at Woohoo by Davina, created this cute little knit skirt.  It’s pretty amazing, and definitely earns this badge!Spring Skirt Awards

Little Skirt Award

Since we’re on a Spring Kids Clothes Week roll, we’re going to award the Little Skirt Award.  Stacy, of At Luce Ends, sewed up this darling little skirt from Cotton and Steel fabric using the Oliver+S Swingset skirt pattern.  Stacy, here’s your little badge!Spring Skirt Awards

Maxi Skirt Award

 A maxi skirt in spring can be a difficult thing to pull off, but Becca made this skirt sing over at Pattern Revolution!  Becca, please take your badge.Spring Skirt Awards

Best New Pattern

 Now there were a LOT of cute skirts that came out this spring, but we had to narrow it down to just one!  So we award this badge to Violette Field Threads for their Quinn Skirt.   Spring Skirt Awards

Fun Skirt Award

Did you see the latest issue of Stylo?  There were so many fun, bright fashions in that issue, but the Fun Skirt Award without a doubt goes to Karly of Paisley Roots for this very, very fun tutu!  Karly, here’s your fun badge!Spring Skirt Awards

Best Skirt Refashion

 If we could find more pillowcases like the one Libby (the blogger behind Hoping for Rocketships) did for her skirt refashion, we’d all be wearing skirts like this!  Way to refashion, Libby, here’s your badge.Spring Skirt Awards

Best Skirt Tutorial

When Autumn, from It’s Always Autumn, posts a tutorial about how to sew a circle skirt, from leather, in less than 20 minutes, it’s time to sit up and pay attention!  And award her a badge!  Here you go, Autumn.Spring Skirt Awards

Best Woven Skirt

 We are very vocal about our newest fabric love, double gauze!  So when Beth, from Beth Being Crafty, made this double gauze skirt, we simply fell in love!  Beth, please accept your award!Spring Skirt Awards


Best Spring Skirt

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…when we saw this skirt, we were completely smitten!  Jess, of Craftiness is not Optional, made it for her little girl’s Rainbow Unicorn themed birthday party.  For Realz.  And then she released the free pattern for the skirt with a tutorial.  Totally, completely, unquestionably the best skirt of Spring 2015!  Jess, please accept this award we humbly offer you!Spring Skirt Awards

Thank you, thank you, and thanks most of all to all our fabulous skirt seamstresses without whom these awards would not be possible!  Keep up the great skirt work, and we’ll see you back at the end of summer!  In the mean time, if you see a skirt you want to nominate for the Summer 2015 Skirt Awards, drop us a line.

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  1. Wow! I am so incredibly flattered and honored! Thanks a million!!

  2. Thank you so much!!! 😀

  3. thanks for the nomination and congrats for the nice selection of spring skirts!

  4. Wow! Thank you!

    I personally love the rainbow skirt! I might have to make that one! 🙂

  5. Fantastic! thanks a million 🙂

  6. hey, thanks so much for the mention! somehow I totally missed this…

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