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Color Me Princess Skirt

Color me Princess Skirt by Skirt Fixation

Color me Princess Skirt by Skirt FixationI’m calling this Color Me Princess Skirt the skirt that almost wasn’t!  You see, the challenge this month for Project Run and Play is an Elsa costume.  Annie loves Elsa, but she already has an Elsa skirt Allegra made her last year.  So I was going to sit out this month’s sew along, but then inspiration struck!  The day before the challenge ended, of course…Color me Princess Skirt by Skirt FixationYou see, for a while now, Annie has been asking me to make her a blue dress with big puffy sleeves.  Add to that Color Me fabric designed by Hayley from Mouse House Creations, and you have all the ingredients for a great princess outfit.  The Color Me Princess Skirt is the star, of course!! Color me Princess Skirt by Skirt FixationI used Kiki’s tutorial to make the bodice part of Annie’s princess top.  (This blue ribbon fabric I found years and years ago at JoAnn Fabrics.) Color me Princess Skirt by Skirt FixationBut since we had to work aforementioned “big puffy sleeves” into the outfit, we used the Boardwalk Henley pattern to make the top and sleeves. Color me Princess Skirt by Skirt FixationNo, the Boardwalk Henley and Hoodie pattern doesn’t have “big puffy sleeves” that was another change we made.  We cut out the regular sleeves pattern from white knit, and then cut out a second set of sleeves using the blue ribboned fabric, but placing the fold of the pattern piece several inches away from the fold of the fabric to create a VERY wide sleeve. Color me Princess Skirt by Skirt FixationThen after gathering the blue sleeve at both top and bottom, we sewed the 2 together.  Next we sewed bias tape around the bottom of the sleeve, leaving open 2 inches.  We simply stuffed the sleeves with polyfil stuffing before closing up those last two inches.  Viola!  Puffy sleeves!Color me Princess Skirt by Skirt FixationThe skirt is made from Color Me fabric.  I snapped it up during the exclusive Fat Quarter Shop sale for All The Skirts: Oliver+S 7 Fat Quarter Shop.Color me Princess Skirt by Skirt FixationAll of us had a hand in coloring it!  We decided to stick with all blues for the color palette and just love the results.  Plus a little metallic silver and gold.  Because that’s princess-y! Color me Princess Skirt by Skirt FixationWe cut one yard of the Color Me fabric panel in 1/2 and used the bottom for the front of the skirt, and the top for the back.  We also used Kiki’s tutorial for the skirt, except used the entire width of the fabric and made an exposed elastic waist.  Color me Princess Skirt by Skirt FixationKiki’s original Elsa dress included a cape.  We decided to go all out and move the cape up and make a princess hat!  It was very easily constructed using cardstock and construction paper, we pulled the tulle through, and then the decorating began.  A ribbon swirled around to match the bodice fabric.  Blue beads because BLUE BEADS!!!!Color me Princess Skirt by Skirt FixationAnnie is simply over the moon about her new princess outfit!  While the top is pretty much dress up only (those sleeves…) the skirt can be worn more frequently!  Like all the time if you’re Annie. Color me Princess Skirt by Skirt FixationIn the photos, she is wearing a crinoline underneath to puff out the Color Me Princess Skirt (more princess-y she claimed) for more casual wear we’ll try to convince her to ditch the crinoline!!  Color me Princess Skirt by Skirt FixationThe entire time this outfit was being created, Annie stood by and gasped, ooohed and ahhhed over every tiny detail and said “thank you” over and over and over again!  You’re welcome, little princess.  Lo Merece!Color me Princess Skirt by Skirt Fixation

6 thoughts on “Color Me Princess Skirt

  1. That is so perfect. I especially love how you colored the skirt.

  2. Super cute! Love the color scheme and the color me fabric. Great job.

  3. What a wonderful idea for a very special little princess, now she looks just like what she’s like inside. 🙂 I’m especially entranced by the ribbon-ery on the top, it’s outstanding! Fairy-land incarnated! (however you spell that)

  4. This is so pretty! Who doesn’t love a blue princess?

  5. I love that Color Me Fabric. I’ve seen it on the Mouse House blog. Gonna have to get me some. I really like how you incorporated it into this outfit. The hat is my absolute favorite. Awesome princess costume!

  6. […] color, if you choose.  So we chose to use pink buttons, Annie’s favorite color.  (Although when her princess outfit was in the making, she declared over and over that blue was her favorite color!)  Aria helped me […]

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