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The Ugly Skirt vs The Crafty Disaster

We know you’ve been waiting for the next episode of The Ugly Skirt Challenge!  “It’s May, already,” you say, “give us another Ugly Skirt!”  Yes ma’am.  Today we present you The U.G.L.Y. Skirt vs. The Crafty Disaster.  Will it be a disaster for Lindsay, or for The Ugly Skirt?  Read on to find out…

ugly skirtThe Ugly Skirt Challenge from Skirt Fixation

When scrolling through all my favorite refashion blogs I came across the Ugly Skirt challenge from Skirt Fixation. I knew I wanted to try it so I messaged them and they sent me this black skirt made of some funky fabric. The shape was a little mermaid-esque, seeing as it flared out at the bottom, but I figured I could do some sort of peplum with it!

Here is how it started:

Long, black, mermaidy, waffly, table cloth-ness.BeforeHere is how it turned out:

A peplum shirt!After1 After2

Here is how I did it:

First I seam ripped the waistband out because I will totally reuse the elastic later.Process1Then I cut off about 8 inches from the top. I want to keep the bottom hem.

Then I cut out the shape I wanted. I cut arm holes and a neck hole. I first sewed the shoulders together, highlighted below in green.Process2This is where it got a little tricky, the fabric was very light and flimsy. I finished off the arm holes and neck line with my serger. After that I rolled them under and top stitched, highlighted above in red.

The Ugly Skirt Challenge: SuccessBefore&AfterLove it? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you would’ve done!

Well, we’d say we have a clear winner!  When we picked out The Ugly Skirt, we were intrigued by that mystery fabric, and we L.O.V.E. what Lindsay has done with it!  Be sure to visit The Crafty Disaster for more amazing refashions and crafty fun.  For all the previous rounds of The Ugly Skirt Challenge, click on a thumbnail below to be taken to that challenge.The Ugly Skirt Challenge final skirt outfit

ugly skirt challenge


Falafel and the BeeHow about you?  Are you willing to take the U.G.L.Y. skirt challenge?  Leave us a comment!  (If you’ve already signed up, be watching your mailbox!  We can’t be held responsible if your mailbox melts at the pure ugliness!)  See you tomorrow for your regularly scheduled, sedate, beautiful sewing projects.  

5 thoughts on “The Ugly Skirt vs The Crafty Disaster

  1. So fun to see what everyone comes up with!

  2. DAS BEAUTIFUL!!!! The shirt is waaay prettier than the skirt… Lindsay always wins! <3

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  4. Beautiful Job!

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