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Nani Iro Maxi Skirt For Summer

Nani Iro maxi skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

When I made Annie a skirt from Nani Iro fabric I was very jealous!  It was just so soft and dreamy.  And the woodblock print just spoke to me.  I just couldn’t get over it, so I ordered some more for myself.  Before it arrived, I thought maybe I’d make myself a shirt with it, but once it arrived, once again I couldn’t cut it!  It had to be a Nani Iro maxi skirt.Nani Iro maxi skirt sewn by Skirt FixationI’ve been working on my Summer Capsule Wardrobe along with Becca from Free Notion.  (Yes, it’s the same Becca from Challenge Create: Adult Edition!)  Through her guidance I (and about 300 other people sewing along!) purged my closet, dialed in on my fashion, color and style, made a muslin or two and started sewing!  This Nani Iro maxi skirt is one of the first things I’ve completed.Nani Iro maxi skirt sewn by Skirt FixationI got the Nani Iro woodblock fabric from Urban Sew during a crazy 40% off sale!  (Remember when they sponsored an edition of All The Skirts?)  If you’re not signed up for their emails, you should do it as soon as possible so you can be notified of sales like this in the future.  This fabric is a double gauze, Nani Iro by Naomi Ito called Woodblock Pocho.  Or pure, soft, floaty goodness, whichever you prefer!  If you’re hesitating on your first double gauze fabric purchase because you’re concerned about wrinkling, you can rest assured.  It does wrinkle some, not much.  For reference, this photo shoot was taken in the late afternoon after wearing the skirt all day long!  So not many wrinkles.Nani Iro maxi skirt sewn by Skirt FixationI used the Anna Marie Horner free skirt tutorial called Flirting the Issue.  I love the way this skirt is constructed, and the waistband is probably my favorite ever for comfort!  I only made 2 changes to the pattern.  Instead of having 2 side seams, I just took my 2 yard piece of Nani Iro and folded it in 1/2, right sides together, to make 1 seam in the back.  (Remember I said I simply couldn’t cut it?  I did not make one single cut!) Nani Iro maxi skirt sewn by Skirt FixationThe other change is that only the waistband is lined.  A full lining made the skirt bunch out like a tutu around the waist, so I cut it off right below the waistband.  The full lining would work for a heavier fabric, but the Nani Iro is too lightweight for a full lining.  Because I am 6 feet tall, the full width of the fabric (41/42 inches) was a perfect width.  For the hem, I just turned the selvedge under 1/4 inch and stitched it down.Nani Iro maxi skirt sewn by Skirt FixationNow I’m ready to face the heat of summer (which makes my hair curl!!) in my new, lightweight Nani Iro maxi skirt.  Have you ever sewn with double gauze?  Please share how you got over the fear of cutting it!

7 thoughts on “Nani Iro Maxi Skirt For Summer

  1. I ordered some double gauze during that same sale. I haven’t been able to cut into mine yet but I will get to it soon! I love your floaty skirt. It’s perfect for summer!!

  2. Gorgeous fabric and skirt! I noticed your curls right away. 🙂 My hair does the same thing. Its like I need a whole different hairstyle for summer to embrace the added texture.

  3. Would you believe? I have NEVER sewn with double gauze! I don’t even know what it might feel like. That waistband looks like perfection – Is it just a few rows of 1/4 elastic??

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  5. Beautiful fabric, love it as maxi and it looks great on you!

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