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The Ugly Skirt vs. April in April

The Ugly Skirt Challenge

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a news alert!  There’s been another vicious attack of the Ugly Skirt.  That’s right, the U.G.L.Y. Skirt, with absolutely no sense of humor, has chosen April, in the month of April as it’s next victim.  Here’s April to tell you the story in her own words:

The Ugly Skirt Challenge

Wow, April, that’s quite a transformation!  Tell us where you started.

The Ugly Skirt Challenge


April, April, April!  We’re really sorry about that hole in the back…it must have been that we were too doubled over in laughter to even notice the hole.  Show us what you did about it!

The Ugly Skirt Challenge


Okay, that’s a great start.  But where does that bed skirt come in?

The Ugly Skirt ChallengeWhoa!  Hand stitching, your own bias tape?  You are really defending yourself against the UGLY Skirt quite well!

The Ugly Skirt ChallengeOkay, okay!  Show us the finished product.  We want to know who won this round!

The Ugly Skirt Challenge

Wowza!  April, you really wrestled that Ugly Skirt into submission!  The back, the green, the clutch!  Congratulations!

Want to see the other U.G.L.Y. skirt challenges?  Just click on any of the thumbnails below to be taken to them!

final skirt outfit

ugly skirt challenge


Falafel and the BeeHow about you?  Are you willing to take the U.G.L.Y. skirt challenge?  Leave us a comment!  (If you’ve already signed up, be watching your mailbox!  We can’t be held responsible if your mailbox melts at the pure ugliness!)  See you tomorrow for your regularly scheduled, sedate, beautiful sewing projects.  

2 thoughts on “The Ugly Skirt vs. April in April

  1. Thanks, SkirtFixation! I really enjoyed taming that U.G.L.Y. skirt! And, now I have an adorable dress added to my wardrobe! ♥

  2. I love the “ugly” skirt challenge and would love to participate.
    I have done some of those fixes for my daughter, she is notorious for tearing her skirts and I have to be creative to fix them.
    Thanks, Sandi

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