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March Photo Challenge Recap

During the month of March, we participated in a photo challenge on Instagram.  This challenge was put forth by The Daily Seam.  The Daily Seam is a group of sewing bloggers who share tips, tutorials, patterns and knowledge!  The challenge was to take a sewing related photo related to the theme for the day.

TheDailySeamPhotoChallengeToday we have a recap of all 31 days of the photos we took for this challenge.  If you don’t follow us on Instagram, you should because often we snap photos of things we are working on before we post them to the blog.  And we are also going to be giving away things as we reach significant numbers of followers.  Okay, enough chatter, this post is supposed to be about photos right?!?

Collage1 Collage2 Collage3 Collage4 Collage5 Collage6 Collage7 Collage8So there you have it…31 days of sewing related photos. Although Allegra is our chief photographer, I (Audrey) am trying to improve my photography.  Since it was a photo challenge, I tried to be as artistic as possible in the composition and subject matter of the photos.  I didn’t want to just snap photos of the item and call it good.  That would be like the first time I went to a potluck as a new bride and took green bean hotdish as my offering!  I didn’t realize it was an opportunity to tantalize others taste buds and challenge my cooking skills!  Although, if you ask Mr. Skirt Fixation, those cooking skills left much to be desired… (And he was right!!!)  And I may have done okay with my photography skills because Day #7 (organization) was one of the featured photos on The Daily Seam.  Another enjoyable part of this photo challenge was seeing everyone else’s photos.  Now, for the month of April, I am participating in another photo challenge called “Life with Boys Challenge!”  And it is challenging my photography skills.  Want to see?  Follow us on Instagram!

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