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A Monet Inspired Dress

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt Fixation

Today we offer you beauty.

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationSpring births beauty.  And we needed a little beauty.

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationSometimes life is harsh and cold, like winter. But spring always comes, and hurts are forgiven and forgotten.

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationNew life, new hope, new beauty.

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationSpring.

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationThis dress was inspired by the Top Stitcher’s Art Gallery prompt.

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationWe already entered our Senna Tote in the sew along for the Pioneer prompt, but we just HAD to participate in this one too! Here’s the prompt.

Who is your favorite artist? What do you love most about their work? Their vibrant use of colors? Their use of repeating patterns and geometrics? Their soft flowy painting techniques? Their subject matter? Their mood?
Let their overall style, or a specific piece of work from their portfolio, inspire a modern-day head-to-toe ensemble.

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationIf you’ve been around Skirt Fixation, you know art is something we love and imitate often. In fact, we have a whole series devoted to Skirt Art. That’s where we choose a piece of art with a skirt in it and replicate it using a skirt and photography.

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationFor the Art Gallery sew along, we chose Monet.

monetCollageMonet used the color blue often in his paintings. And he loved to paint gardens and flowers en masse. He was one of the Impressionist painters, so we need soft and flowy in our entry.

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationNaturally we turned to one of our favorite dress patterns, the Uptown Downtown dress. Annie’s feather dress won’t last through summer, so a summer dress was in order.

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationThe first time we made the Uptown Downtown dress, I had fabric like this in mind, but Allegra overruled. And I’m glad she did! Her choices were perfect for winter. But spring has come, and it was time for beauty.

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationThe only change we made to the dress was using fold over elastic on the neckline, sleeves and hem. There was a dual purpose in this; both for aesthetics and because the floral knit fabric from JoAnn’s was so tissue thin it was very difficult to hem.  We used this fabric first on a Lane Raglan.

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationAnd we love the finished look.

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationWe discovered this wooded glade carpeted with bluebells and felt we’d stepped into a Monet painting.

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationIt was quiet and there was a stream. But most of all the bluebells reigned supreme.

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationAnnie stood knee deep in bluebells and declared this was fairy land.

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationWhat do you think? Would Monet approve?

Monet-inspired dress sewn by Skirt FixationWhat beauty has spring gifted you?

19 thoughts on “A Monet Inspired Dress

  1. All kinds of beauty here – the fabric, the dress design, the bluebells, and the always present LOVE in your family that shows in your sewing. Have a blessed day!

    1. Thanks Angela for noticing the love!

  2. It’s beautiful. I love it!

  3. The dress is lovely, but I can’t get over that field of bluebells. It’s just gorgeous! And the perfect backdrop for a Monet-inspired shoot. =)

    1. If I hadn’t already planned the dress, I think I would have, just to have a reason to take photos in this wooded spot!

  4. Oh my goodness that is so beautiful~ I love this pattern too.
    Your FOE is perfect.

    1. Thanks, Michelle! That FOE turned out to be a lifesaver this time. That knit was soooo thin; but will be perfect for summer!

  5. Beautiful! I love Monet, many years ago I was fortunate to visit his house and gardens in France.

    1. I really wanted to get his famous bridge in these photos! But alas, no France in sight!

  6. I don’t think anything could SHOUT spring louder than these photos, & yet it inspires a deep reverent stillness within, because “in all things I look upon in nature, I see the hand of God”. Simply said – Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing & kudos on that beautiful dress – does it come in “Gramma” size??

    1. Or Mom size! I want one too…but I don’t think I’d look as cute in the photos!

  7. BEST PHOTO SHOOT EVER!!!! Hope you can enter these in many contests!!! I think Annie needs a little sister to pass these amazing outfits on to!! 🙂

    1. We’re crossing our fingers for a girl cousin to pass things on to!

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  11. Gosh I LOVE this! The black binding really makes the perfect monet print knit POP, and the classic style showcases the fabric perfectly. All kinds of love for this project! And excellent photography as well 🙂

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