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Selfish Sewing Week: Allegra

Jocole A-line Yoga Skirt sewn by Allegra at Skirt Fixaiton

This week all of the adult sized people at Skirt Fixation are participating in Selfish Sewing Week!  You will see lots of sewing, skirts, and adult sized creations!  First up is Allegra; take it away Allegra!

Jocole A-line Yoga Skirt sewn by Allegra at Skirt FixaitonSo I sewed up another (another) Jocole yoga a-line skirt. This is the first one that I have made, and also the first time that I’ve sewed with knits. It was surprisingly easy, I guess I didn’t believe mom when she said that it was really really easy. I needed a black skirt for an orchestra event, and since I had already wanted another yoga skirt, I decided to make the yoga skirt in black. That is, mom decided that I would make it. I wasn’t too sure about doing it, but Mom told me each step, and I just followed her instructions.

Jocole A-line Yoga Skirt sewn by Allegra at Skirt FixaitonSewing on knit is definitely different. I’m used to pulling on the fabric to keep it tight and smooth, so it was unusual for me to not be pulling on it. Sewing with a double needle was also a little weird. The double needle seam, especially around the waistband, was wavy when I had finished, which made me discouraged until Mom suggested ironing it with lots of steam. That worked great, and now it looks fabulous- great for my first time sewing with knits!

For the orchestra event, I am required to wear a white polo shirt, but I will probably be doing a ‘5 Ways’ post on this skirt soon because I am going to wear it so much! The Jocole yoga skirt is so nice because I don’t have to worry a lot about what I’m wearing. It’s easy to wear, comfortable, light and elegant. Another plus is how easy it is to dress up or down. You can also do yoga in it. That… may be why it’s named the Yoga skirt. Just sayin’.

Jocole A-line Yoga Skirt sewn by Allegra at Skirt FixaitonNow all of us girls have a Jocole Yoga A-line skirt! It’s like a very elite skirt club! We’ve even made one for one of our grandmas, and the other grandma asked for the pattern! If you are looking for an easy skirt pattern to use while exploring knits, the Jocole Yoga A-line skirt is absolutely the one!

3 thoughts on “Selfish Sewing Week: Allegra

  1. Great job!! You made it beautifully! Now there is no stopping you!

  2. Oh your first knit project! I love knits, more will follow now for sure, this skirt is perfect.

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