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DIY Felt Food

Felt Food made by Skirt Fixation

Felt Food made by Skirt Fixation

Felt food is something that I discovered quite recently. I was at the end of an embroidering spree (had almost embroidered myself out, heh), and was looking for something easy and craftsy to do.  Having seen quite a few felt food sets and pictures on Etsy and Pinterest, I decided to try my hand at it.  (If you’re interested, you can see some of my embroidery here.)

Free felt breakfast food tutorial by Skirt Fixation for Sew Mama Sew

Using a few tutorials and a few pictures, I made an egg (very easy) first. Then I pretty much abandoned the tutorials and struck out on my own! After doing a breakfast food set (I made a free tutorial and pattern, you can get it on Sew Mama Sew where it’s being featured!) I gifted it to my little siblings and they were overjoyed. They have one of those small plastic kitchen sets that come with utensils but no food, and felt food was a refreshing and fun alternative to the hard plastic play food that they had seen and played with before. A few benefits of felt food is that it is soft, has no breakable or tiny chokeable pieces (if well sewn), and is very sensory stimulating to young children. It also packs well, can be taken almost anywhere, and can be washed by hand or in the washing machine!

Felt Food made by Skirt FixationThe little kids loved the breakfast food and immediately asked for more. “Can you make a whole play chicken?” they asked. Um….. not quite yet. But I did make a piece of bread (still working on that design), a doughnut, a steak (one of the kid’s favorites), and a whole felt pizza.

Felt Food made by Skirt Fixation

The pizza was surprisingly easy, and after making the crust and the marinara and cheese (which took no sewing), I made pepper slices, pepperoni, ham, pineapple and mushrooms.

Felt Food made by Skirt Fixation I would highly recommend trying to make felt food for yourself. It’s an amazingly fun craft both for you to make and your small acquaintances to play with. The greatest part is that it requires only a regular straight and a simple blanket stitch. Plus, regular felt is really really really really cheap and eco-friendly.

Have fun crafting!

7 thoughts on “DIY Felt Food

  1. You did an amazing job with the felt food! I love the pizza and the bacon.

  2. What a great job you did!
    I love that your siblings love it too!

  3. This looks wonderfull, so nice that you made these for your siblings!

  4. wow, you are amazingly talented!! LOVE the realistic looking food, which is so much better to play with than plastic!! you could sell this stuff! I think my favorite might be the tea bags. Did you put an actual herb, such as peppermint inside?

    1. Yes, that’s exactly what’s inside! Thanks for your nice comment.

  5. […] educational toy that younger children love to touch. My little siblings’ personal favorite out of all of the items that I have made is the felt teabags. I stuff them with real aromatic herbs, and little kids adore smelling them […]

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