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Coloring Page Tshirts

Boardwalk henley and hoodie

Flip This PatternOnce upon a time there was a princess and two knights who lived in a castle.

Coloring Page TshirtsThey had many adventures together.

Boardwalk Henley and HoodieOne day the oldest knight said. “Ho! We must sally forth in search of battle, young friend!”

Coloring page tshirtsThe little knight took his last farewell of the fair princess.

Princess storyThen she watched them ride off.

knights in battle Alas!

boardwalk henleysThe young knight turned out to be a traitor, and turned on the older knight!

Boardwalk henley and hoodie They both fought dreadfully.

Boardwalk henley and hoodie They had a fearsome deathly battle while the princess languidly watched them from the castle windows.

Boardwalk henley and hoodieAt last, with one last stab, the young knight dispatched his older companion.

Boardwalk henley and hoodie He went to the princess and told her that if she didn’t do what he wanted, she would suffer the same fate.

Boardwalk henley and hoodieShe was mildly concerned.

Boardwalk henley and hoodieMeanwhile, the older knight had found a magical cat that restored his health.

Boardwalk henley and hoodie The young knight brooded at the castle, satisfied with his evil schemes.

Boardwalk henley and hoodie But lo! The older knight came back and stowed the younger knight in the deepest dungeon of the castle.

Boardwalk henley and hoodie Then the beautiful princess did a victory dance that consisted mainly of twirling.

Boardwalk henley and hoodie Finally, because they were good guys, they let the younger knight out of the castle after he promised to be good and do their chores for a week. The end.

For a change of pace, Allegra wrote the above story using the photos she hadn’t taken from a photo shoot at which she was not present!  You can thank her in the comments!  All the rest of the boring clothing and fabric details follow, written by Audrey:

These three needed more play clothes.  Flip This Pattern’s pattern for March is the Peekaboo pattern shop’s  Boardwalk Henley and Hoodie pattern.  We flipped it three different ways.  The one thing these three things have in common is the coloring book iron on appliqué which the kids made themselves.  If you want to do one yourself, we wrote a how-to tutorial for Crafting Con’s Once Upon A Time theme which you can read and make one for your kiddo!

Thomas’s knight shirt: Peekaboo pattern shop’s  Boardwalk Henley and Hoodie pattern.  Flipped slightly by using pleather (from Girl Charlee and leftover from my jacket) on the top yoke.

Annie’s princess dress: Peekaboo pattern shop’s  Boardwalk Henley and Hoodie pattern.  Flipped by up cycling an old shirt of mine for the yoke, shortening the dress section and adding a third layer for a color block look.  You may recognize the fabric from last year’s Josephine blouse and skirt.

David’s knight shirt: Peekaboo pattern shop’s  Boardwalk Henley and Hoodie pattern.  Flipped by combining the yoke and shirt pieces into one.  Used some really soft denim-look knit fabric from JoAnn’s.

Sew My Stash 2015 reality check: 100% fabric from the stash, exceeding the goal of 50%!  Yeah!  Perfect play clothes without any extra cost; success!

Castle:  We made a whole castle a few years ago, and this tower piece is all that survives.  We used appliance boxes and plans from I dug out an old photo of the entire thing.  The kids could crawl through the tunnels of the whole castle!

castle back copyHave you ever built a castle?  How about made Peekaboo pattern shop’s  Boardwalk Henley and Hoodie pattern?  Or done an iron-on appliqué?  How about participated in Flip This Pattern?  Checked out Crafting Con?  Found a magic cat?  Written a fairy tale?  We have, and you should too!

5 thoughts on “Coloring Page Tshirts

  1. This is adorable! I love the shirts and I want a castle of my own 😉

  2. They are pretty awesome!

  3. Very fun! What a great idea for fun tee shirts! Thanks for hanging out with CraftingCon 🙂

  4. Look at you go!!! And, I love that you involved Allegra in the writing process….very creative story :)…

    You made the most of this pattern, didn’t you?? Three flips!! Impressive…

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