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A Liebster Award

Back at the beginning of March, we were nominated for the Liebster award by Inspinration.  Thank you, Miranda!  She is a Dutch mother of 4, and we love everything she makes!  For example, she made this amazing pleated dress, the infamous lion muscle tee, and is one of the current contributors to Kids Clothes Week.  She wrote the most inspirational post for KCW that we’ve ever seen!

If you are a reader of Flemish sewing or German DIY blogs you probably know the Liebster award. In case you are not, the Liebster award is originally a German invention with the goal of promoting smaller blogs by getting to know the person behind the blog a bit more. The rules of the game have changed a bit over time (for example small used to be less than 3000 followers and now 200).

The rules of the game:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and put a link to her/his blog in your post

2. Answer the 11 questions that you got from the one that nominated you

3. Nominate 5 to 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers (this is not an exact science just focus on blogs that could benefit from this extra promotion).

4. Create 11 interesting questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Do not nominate back the blog that nominated you.

Here were our questions:

1.  Which of your own blog posts (the project related to it) are you most proud of?

My current favorite project is the Oliver + S Music Class outfit I made for the Bonnie Christine ribbon tour.

2.  What sewing technique secretly still frightens you (a bit)?

There are 2 that I’m currently determined to try: making my own bias tape with a Clover Bias 1-Inch Tape Maker and Inkodye sunprinting.

3.  What is your guilty pleasure?

Nibbling on Lindt Excellence Bar~Caramel with a Touch of Sea Salt while sewing!  Nuff said!

4.  What blog should we read which you couldn’t  nominate due to too many followers.

There’s always something fun going on over at Pattern Revolution!

5.  What is the story behind the fabric that has been in your closet the longest?

Oh boy, I’m not sure what’s all in the fabric stash, but I did grab some remnants leftover from making my wedding dress to make this skirt for Annie!  So they’re coming up on 20 years in the stash!

6.  What is your favorite tv show?

Sorry~no television, which frees up more time to sew!

7.  What would you buy yourself now, immediately if money was not an issue?

A serger and a good camera…all our photographs are taken with an iPhone!

8.  What frustrates you?

When I cut corners while sewing.  It always frustrates me every time I look at the item later.  Hence my New Year’s Resolution.

9.  What is your most happy memory?

My family makes me happiest!  For example, I have a very happy memory of driving away from our wedding reception with Mr. Skirt Fixation, starting our new life together.  And the minutes following the births of each of our seven children, with everyone gathering around welcoming the newest family member are very happy memories.

10.  What kind of new hobby would you like to learn?

Leather tooling.  Both of our older sons are learning this skill, and have produced some amazing artwork, which I’ve shown below in case you are getting tired of all these words!

Leather Deer Leather Knife Case

11.  What is your favorite app?

Instagram!  We love connecting with other sewing bloggers and getting behind the scenes glimpses of what they are sewing.  It’s also where we share peeks of sewing projects before they are on the blog, so if you’re interested, follow us on Instagram!

We hope you enjoyed reading our answers.  We know that not everybody likes to participate in this type of chain letter type game!  We selected blogs which we have in our RSS feed reader and are worth checking out if you do not know them already. We really have no way of knowing how many followers each of these blogs has, but we feel like they are semi small blogs destined for greatness!  If you check their blogs out, our goal is succeeded.  We would like to nominate the following blogs:

  1. The Land of K.A. – seriously professional sewing by Stacy for both herself and her children.  She was often the judges’ favorite from Challenge Create: Adult Edition.
  2. Free Notion – a new blog written by Becca Duval.  Since she just started it she may not have 200 followers yet, but she is a rockstar in the sewing world!
  3. Fa Sew La – Teri is a super fast seamstress, does quality work, and has the cutest new baby girl ever!
  4. Sew Straight & Gather – We’re pretty sure Terri will be a famous pattern maker some day.  She’s written our favorite dress pattern for girls.  We’ve made it twice and gifted it twice with many more to come!
  5. Swoodson Says – Stephanie goes about sewing and blogging like it’s a business endeavor, which will most likely make her quite a bit of money!
  6. Girl Like The Sea – Tara is the most honest blogger in our feed.  It’s not a Pinterest-ified life, but it’s REAL.  We look forward to every new post!
  7. Creating In The Gap – Besides being a superb seamstress, Margo offers a very comprehensive review of the patterns she sews including pros and cons.
  8. Hello Holli – Everytime Holli sews something we add it to our list of things we want to make!  Now that’s inspiring!
  9. Sweet KM – Kristi is one of those blogger that make you think she’s going to be a huge blogger one day.  And yet you are confident she will always retain that small, cozy, introverted personality!
  10. The Enantiomer Project – Annie is probably the opposite of us in many ways, short, cute, southern and an amazing seamstress!  But you know what they say…opposites attract!

To the blogs we nominated we want to say, do not feel obligated to take the stick. If you are on the list and would like to join, please answer the following questions.

1. How did you come up with the name of your blog?

2. What sewing technique secretly still frightens you (a bit)?

3. What is your guilty pleasure?

4. What blog should we read which you couldn’t nominate due to too many followers?

5. What is the story behind the fabric that has been in your stash the longest?

6. What is your current favorite fabric?

7. What would you buy yourself now, immediately if money was not an issue?

8. What part of a sewing project excites you most?

9. What sewing project are you most proud of?

10. What sewing project are you least proud of?

11. What kind of new hobby would you like to learn?

And now to leave you with a photo of a skirt…

Dye#2Well okay, part of a skirt!  Audrey’s skirt from Selfish Sewing Week has undertaken a second dye bath…what do you think now?

6 thoughts on “A Liebster Award

  1. Hey, thanks for nominating me! It was fun to read your answers to all the questions. That leather tooling is really amazing! All of you are so talented!

  2. Thanks for the nomination!! Your boys are seriously talented leather artists 😀

  3. Thank you so much!! I loved reading your answers- you’re right, it is great to get to know people a bit more!! I’m not sure I’ll end up posting it on my blog, I’ve already got a list of posts that need to be written and projects that need to be done, but thank you thank you!!

  4. love the leather tooling, and love the improved skirt color– but I’d give it one more dip!

  5. I also would love to try sunprinting and wow what are your kids talented! I already knew your girls were very creative but the work of your boys is just as impressive. Great you do not watch tv, we had a no-tv policy when the kids were small, but having three tired small kids hanging on my legs while cooking made me decide to let them watch tv during cooking time. Tv time is still limited but they do watch a few hours per week. Great you managed to ban the whole thing.

  6. I want to try that Inkodye!! Thanks for the nomination.. I have actually played along when Sarah at The Crazy Tailor nominated me and there’s some overlap so I think I will pass (that post here: ) but I’m going to go check out some of the other blogs you listed 🙂

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