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1920s Inspired Fashion

1920s Inspired Fashion

1920s Inspired FashionI’ve created a modern outfit inspired by 1920s fashion.  Alida is holding a monthly event called Sew The Show and this month she is inviting anyone to make something inspired by a show called Boardwalk Empire.  Not having a television, all I know about this show is that it’s set in the 1920s and the fashions reflect that.  I knew some about 1920s fashions and uncovered quite a bit more with a little research.

inspirationThe color blue was a standard color for dresses.  It was considered always fashionable to wear blue, perhaps a bit like our sense of the color black.

1920s inspired fashionI choose blue as the main color for my outfit.  And of course, everyone knows and has seen the role feathers play in 1920s fashion!  So I had to have the feather knit fabric from Bari J.’s Petal and Plume line.  I bought mine from Imagine Gnats, along with the plain navy knit pictured here.

1920s inspired outfit sewn by Skirt FixationThis is the second time I’ve worked with Art Gallery Fabrics knit fabric, and let me tell you, it’s definitely the highest quality knit I’ve sewn.  There’s has yet to be any pilling, the stretch and recovery is awesome, and pretty too!  I made the Hampton Hoodie from Peekaboo Patterns.  This, like all Peekaboo Patterns I’ve sewn up so far was fast and easy to sew with professional looking results.  The contrast placket was a little confusing and frustrating, so before I sew it  next time, I’ll probably look for tutorials on how to make it easier.

1920s inspired fashionThe only change I made to the pattern was to lengthen the body and the sleeves a little to accommodate my long frame, which also echoes the 1920s drop waist styles.

1920s inspired outfit sewn by Skirt FixationOne major fashion detail of huge importance in the 1920s was lines.  The clothing in general had long and graceful lines or silhouettes.  Line was considered more important than face or coiffure!  My nod to that 1920s fashion trend was to sew up an Ina Skirt from Pattern Review.

1920s inspired outfit sewn by Skirt FixationYes, this is the 3rd time I’ve sewn this pattern (once for a gift, and once for ME!)  There is probably no skirt with greater element of line than the Ina Skirt, especially sewn in striped fabric!

1920s inspired outfit sewn by Skirt FixationAgain, it had to be blue, and I found this lovely lightweight but not sheer knit fabric from Hancock Fabrics.  Also the detailing in the godets at the bottom of the Ina Skirt again echo the 1920s drop waist styles.

1920s inspired outfit sewn by Skirt FixationFor my final piece, I was inspired by the shoes of the 1920s.  Brocade and leather were a common, opulent choice.  While these shoes are majorly cool, I didn’t really have a need for brocade and leather shoes, and so turned to another accessory, a Senna Tote.

1920s inspired outfit sewn by Skirt FixationTomorrow I’m going to have a full review of the Senna Tote, but today I’ll just stick with generalities.  My Senna Tote is made from brocade and pleather, both from JoAnn Fabrics.

1920s inspired outfit sewn by Skirt FixationThis particular brocade is so lovely on both sides, that I had to feature both of them in the Senna Tote.  I put gold, silver, and bronze in this tote to reflect the lavishness of the roaring 20s.  The wealth and prosperity among the affluent would definitely have included a Senna Tote like this one!  And of course my brocade Senna Tote required some shoe bling for a zipper pull!

1920s inspired outfit sewn by Skirt FixationI edited the photos to have a vintage 1920s look, so here is an unedited one so you can see the true colors of the outfit!  And notice the little photobomber!?

1920s inspired outfit sewn by Skirt Fixation

8 thoughts on “1920s Inspired Fashion

  1. A brocade Senna?!?! I love it! Great outfit.

  2. I love that feather fabric. The tote sounds pretty awesome… I’d love to see a clearer photos of it. =) And they may not be brocade and leather, but I really like your shoes.

  3. Awesome right down to the very last detail! Love it!

  4. Great Job!!! I love all the details and it’s so wearable for today. And all in knit, my favorite way to wear things (is there another way?!?!?) 🙂

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  6. This is so great! LOVE that skirt.

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