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Upcycled Downton Duffle Coat {Kids Clothes Week Day 4}

Downton Duffle Coat sewn by Skirt Fixation

Downton Duffle Coat sewn by Skirt Fixation

Now I know what all the fuss is about!  This is because I sewed up the Downton Duffle Coat, and I’m a fan.  I love it when a pattern makes me look like professional seamstress, and the Downton Duffle Coat by Peekaboo Pattern Shop does just that.

Downton Duffle Coat sewn by Skirt Fixation

I referred to this jacket last week in my unfinished projects post, and I’m delighted to have finished it before winter ended.  This is our final Kids Clothes Week project.  I saved it for last because I was the most intimidated by it, but really it was the most necessary item!  Annie has two other coats (besides the slightly impractical cape I made her) but neither are suitable for everyday use.  One is a Rothschild for fancy wear, and the other is a “farm coat” which stays on the farm because of the  way it looks!  So Annie did need an everyday coat, and the Downton Duffle Coat was in my pattern stash, as well as the perfect corduroy skirt, just waiting to be refashioned in something great!  The lining is some Annie herself picked out, and you probably recognize it from an earlier Kids Clothes Week refashion, the reversible corduroy skirt.  I also added an interlining, making it a very warm coat, which is just what she needs right now!  The faux leather for the elbow patches, hood binding, pockets and toggles is leftover from the cowboy quilt.

Downton Duffle Coat sewn by Skirt Fixation

The reason I put off making the Downton Duffle Coat until the last was because I was intimidated!  I wasn’t sure if I could make an item of clothing this awesome looking.  But Peekaboo Pattern Shop makes this very doable.  (This happens to be the second Peekaboo Patterns jacket I’ve made, do you remember Annie’s rain jacket from last spring?)  I just took it one step at a time, and over the course of about 3 days (with many interruptions, of course) I went made it!

Downton Duffle Coat sewn by Skirt Fixation

The corduroy on the original skirt ran on the diagonal, so for every pattern piece I cut out, I had to decide which way I was going to run the corduroy.  I decided to keep a diagonal direction on the front and back and part of the hood, but went straight on the sleeves.  There wasn’t enough of the skirt left to make the pockets, so I used more of the faux leather, and I love it!  Same story for the hood binding.

Downton Duffle Coat sewn by Skirt Fixation

It started snowing really hard, big puffy flakes, just when it was time to do the photo shoot, and Annie and Allegra (our photographer) had lots of fun!  Who cares about a blizzard when you’ve got a warm Downton Duffle Coat to snuggle up in?

Downton Duffle Coat sewn by Skirt Fixation

Catching snowflakes on your tongue is par for the course.

Downton Duffle Coat sewn by Skirt Fixation

If you are looking for an awesome, professional, doable coat pattern for your child, we recommend the Downton Duffle Coat from Peekaboo Pattern Shop.

Downton Duffle Coat sewn by Skirt FixationSew My Stash 2015 Reality Check:  All the fabric for making this coat came from our stash.  We did have to buy the toggle buttons and zipper.  So we exceeded our goal of 50% materials from the stash.  Yipee!!!


7 thoughts on “Upcycled Downton Duffle Coat {Kids Clothes Week Day 4}

  1. Good job, your daughter’s new coat looks great!

  2. That coat is amazing. Coats still intimidate me, because they are a lot of work, but well worth it.
    Great use of materials and it looks like it will be timeless.

  3. I have wanted to try this one out for so long! I love yours. It is adorable.

  4. That is pretty cute and cozy! I love the leather everywhere.

  5. Your sewing abilities are awesome! One thing that always hinders me is the thickness. My poor old Ulna just won’t sew many layers anymore, even balks at double seams on denim! Anyway, kudos on a very useful, beautiful coat!!

  6. That coat pattern is one of my favorites! Love it in corduroy!

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