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Unfinished Projects!

pear pincushion

It could be said that we have too many unfinished projects works in progress!  Or that our attention spans are too short to stick with any one project.  Whatever.  Let us point out that there are 3 finished projects in this post along with the 5 unfinished projects.  So the purpose of this post is for accountability…to keep us on the right track in hopes of getting some of these projects finished.

Unfinished projects

This is where the final Kids Clothes Week project started.  It’s going to be a coat, and it WILL be finished before warm weather arrives!

Skirt to bag refashion

Aria gets an award for this finished project…another skirt to bag.  And this one is so roomy inside!

Bimma cowl

Do you remember the top I made myself for selfish sewing week?  I never wore it because I hated the neckline, so I added a cowl from the largest size on the Bimaa pattern.  Now I wear it every time it’s clean.

pear pincushion

This sweet little pear pincushion is finished, but part of an unfinished project!  It was a prototype for the Liberty of London Swap Round 2.  I wanted to test the pattern on non expensive fabric.  Here’s a photo of the uncut liberty fabric.

liberty of London fabric

Then there are 3 quilts in progress…and each one has a child as the chief quilter!

hexagon quilt

Aria is working on a hexagon quilt…that’s her stack of hexagons so far.

jeans to quilt

Thomas is helping me convert a very huge pile of jeans into a very large HST (half square triangle) quilt.  This is the stack tower we have in progress!  But we did make one special block for a special reason…

denim heart


Annie is helping make a quilt too…and she’s very diligent!  It’s probably the closest to being finished; the top is pieced, it just needs backing and quilted.

quilt in progress

And then there are a couple of secret projects!!!

So to be fair, most of the unfinished projects are quilts…which take time.  Here’s to more sewing time ahead!  What sewing projects do you have in progress?

3 thoughts on “Unfinished Projects!

  1. I love seeing what you are working on!And good for you for getting everyone quilting!!
    PS- I like your shirt even more now!

  2. […] referred to this jacket last week in my unfinished projects post, and I’m delighted to have finished it before winter ended.  This is our final Kids Clothes Week […]

  3. […] same one we’d posted to our Pinterest inspiration board!  So a pear pincushion was a must.  We mentioned in this post that we prototyped one from fabric in our stash, before using the expensive Liberty of London […]

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