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Huge Mustard Shirt Refashioned to Skirt {Kid Clothes Week Day 1}

shirt refashioned to skirt

Yesterday we mentioned that this is Kids Clothes Week.  In the fall, we participated in Kids Clothes Week, when the theme was Storybook and ended up making something for each of the seven children.  This time the theme is Upcycle, and I decided to keep in simple (well, sort of, I always seem to overcomplicate things!) and sew a complete outfit for one child.  I started with a huge mustard shirt refashioned into skirt!

shirt refashioned to skirt

I found this gigantic 2XL mustard yellow wide wale corduroy shirt at the thrift store, and had to have it!  The girls weren’t sure, but I have been seeing so much mustard lately, I was sure I could pull it off.

shirt refashioned to skirt

I decided to go back to a familiar pattern, the Chickadee skirt by Clever Charlotte.  During All The Skirts: Clever Charlotte and Mabel Madison, we made the Chickadee with a very fine wale corduroy, so knew the Chickadee skirt was a good candidate for corduroy.

shirt refashioned to skirt

For the lining, I used a fabric from Hancock Fabrics that Annie herself picked out last fall.

shirt up cycled into reversible skirt

When I made the first Chickadee skirt, it seemed like with a very few modifications it could be a totally reversible skirt, so this time I experimented and it worked!  Here’s what I did:

Attached the waistband on at the top instead of nested within the skirt.  (I went with a skinny waistband to match the bias tape trim, but if I did it over again, I’d cut out two waistbands and make it twice as wide.)  As it turns out, it doesn’t really matter as far as looks go because Annie always wears her shirts untucked!

Made the elastic go all the way around the waistband instead of buttonhole elastic in the back only.

shirt refashioned to skirt

And if I use bias tape and make it reversible again, I will skip the sewing the two pieces together first, it was a waste of time and added extra bulk!

back of refashioned shirt

In these photos, Annie is modeling her skirt with another upcycled item, her Bimaa shirt from her Bubble Skirt ensemble!  This photo is of the back of the skirts, but you can see the cute back of the Bimaa shirt too.

refashioned garments

See you soon for some more upcycled goodness!  And hop over to Kids Clothes Week for lots and lots of inspiring upcycled garments.

A shirt refashioned into a reversible skirt by Skirt Fixation

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