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Skirt to Pants Refashion

skirt to pants refashion

There are gobs of tutorials on the internet about how to turn a pair of pants into a skirt, but not very many skirt to pants refashions.  So recently, when I decided to make any of my kids who wanted them flannel pajama pants, I decided to try a skirt to pants refashion.  5 of my 7 children took me up on the pajama pants offer.  To be fair, the baby didn’t have a clue what we were talking about, and he has enough pajamas.

skirt to pants refashion

I used the tutorial from Melly Sews.  I love how very fast and easy these sew up.  The most difficult part was drafting my own pattern.  But once I had a large and a small one made, I used them to make all the rest just by adjusting the length, rise, and so on.  I took measurements and sewed up some of these after the kids were asleep for the night.  After seeing how very large the legs turned out to be on some of them, I stopped and waited until morning for them to try the kids to try them on before continuing.  I figured too big was easy enough to fix, but you know what?  They L.O.V.E. the large legs!  According to Allegra, it’s like wearing a maxi skirt to sleep in.  (I wouldn’t know, I got too tired of sewing to make myself a pair!)  You’ll have to excuse the rumpled look of the pajamas in these pictures…they’ve slept in them every night since I made them!

Here are the details:

vintage flannel pajamas

Allegra: vintage pink rosebud flannel with pink fleece trim, both from the stash.

flannel pajama pants

Aria: bird flannel from JoAnn’s with black trim from the stash

skirt to pants refashion

Thomas: Refashioned skirt from my cowgirl days (deja vu, anyone?  This is the second cowgirl skirt I’ve refashioned for this boy!)  (I just laid my pattern piece out on the existing skirt and cut out around it, keeping the original waistband and pockets…bonus!  Then I sewed up the crotch seam and the inseam, hemmed it and I was done!)

flannel pajama pants

Annie: Leaf flannel with black trim, both from the stash.

pajama pants flannel from Hobby Lobby

David: Construction flannel from Hobby Lobby.

Sew My Stash 2015 reality check:  6 out of 8 fabrics from the stash!  Exceeded the goal of 50% yes!  I think I’ll go make myself a pair now…there’s more flannel in the stash!

5 thoughts on “Skirt to Pants Refashion

  1. Awesome! I can’t think of anything kore comfy than flannel pj pants! My kids periodically ask for a “Jammie school day” .. how ’bout yours?

  2. Sometimes I still see pjs at lunchtime!

  3. So cute, and they look seriously cozy! You picked some fabulous fabrics. Thanks for linking up to Free Pattern Friday, this is a free pattern I had not seen yet and I think I definitely need to look into it. – Maegen

  4. I love the pjs and yay for upcycling!

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