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DIY Ironing Board Cover

DIY ironing board cover

Last year about this time we were working on finishing our ebook.  And if we could do it over again, there is only one thing we would do differently, and that is do today’s post before photographing our step by step pictures.  That is because our old ironing board cover looked like this:

DIY ironing board cover
Pretty sad, huh?  We had read lots of DIY ironing board cover tutorials, but when we went to replace ours, we used none of them!  Deepika, from Pattern Review, replaced hers and put a photo on Instagram. Upon asking what tutorial she used, she gave this simple answer; “I just placed my old cover on top of the fabric, cut around it (you don’t need to be precise) and then used bias tape to finish the edges which also created a casing for the elastic.  Easy-peasy!
So that’s what I did.  But in keeping with the “no compromise” resolution for 2015, instead of using bias tape (because I didn’t have enough of any one kind, and I wasn’t going to compromise by tacking a bunch of different colors together!) I took the extra time to unpick off the casing from the old cover and reused it and the elastic too!  That was an easy $40 to $100 saved!

DIY ironing board cover

This fabric was in the stash, and it’s been treated with Scotchguard which makes it very nice for ironing as the water just beads up rather than soaks in.  I had the batting in my stash too, leftover from the cowboy quilt.
So this project is 100% from the stash and existing materials.  Did you notice the new button on the sidebar?  The one that says Sew My Stash 2015?  We’ve made a commitment to try to use 50% materials from our stash this year on every project we sew.  (No moratorium on fabric buying, you’ll notice!!!)  But it will help us sew through the very large and very beautiful stash of fabric we have purchased and been gifted.
How about you, does your ironing board cover need replaced?  Are you going to do it?

3 thoughts on “DIY Ironing Board Cover

  1. yes it does and I think I have some good fabric. I was just thinking that I should replace it yesterday!

  2. I’ve replaced my ironing board cover before too… but what I really need is a full-sized ironing board. Mine is dinky. I would have assumed that the Scotch-guard treatment on fabric would scorch easily, but it’s good to know it works fine for an ironing board!

  3. Yours came out great!!
    Nice work, ladies!

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