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Another Embroidered Fish

An embroidered fish by Skirt Fixation

Another embroidery update! I made this embroidered fish hoop for one of my best friends, and I know she’s going to love it!

An embroidered fish by Skirt Fixation

I started out with a fish outline that I printed out off of the internet. Getting simple outlines off of the web is a great way to find embroidery patterns that you can embellish and enlarge however you like. Using a medium-sized hoop, I began to embroider the head, using a pretty light blue embroidery silk. I was positive that I wanted to use shades of blue before I began, but as I went along I added a few more touches. In with the blue of the head, I put some gold thread that peeks out delightfully, as well as golden whiskers. I also outlined the body and fins before starting on the scales. I used the same light blue as the head, a darker blue, the gold from the head, a white, and finally a pink, which is a nice touch. At the base of each scale, I sewed on a bead in the color of the scale. It makes the body and scales very complex. The final touches were to add repurposed sequins from old lace to fill in the fins, and add a Swarovski crystal for the eye, which I glued on with Tacky glue. My favorite part of the embroidered fish is the gold embellishments, which make it really special.

An embroidered fish by Skirt Fixation

This type of hoop is great for hanging as a wall decoration, alone or with other hoops, or putting on a writing desk just as something pretty to look at.

Not sure if this kind of thing is art, but I sure like to look at it!  You can see the other fish I embroidered in this post.  And if you’d like to be inspired by some other embroidered art work, we’ve got an Embroidery for Skirts board on Pinterest where we pin embroidery we love!

4 thoughts on “Another Embroidered Fish

  1. That is really pretty! I love the addition of the gold thread.

  2. You did an amazing job!! This is incredibly beautiful.
    I am in awe of your embroidery skills!

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