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Two Marco Shirts for my “Baby Boy”

Marco Shirt

In the interest of clothing some of the males who live in our house, I made my son 2 Marco shirts.

Marco Shirt

The Marco shirt is just a large version of the Ethan Shirt, and both are made by Sis Boom patterns.  (You can see the Ethan Shirt I made for my younger son, here.  And the way I made the Ethan Shirt into a jacket, here.)  But back to the Marco shirt.

Flannel Marco Shirt

As if sewing a man’s shirt complete with collar stand and collar, button placket, and cuffs is not difficult enough, I had to pick two hard to work with materials to make them from; flannel and some double sided shirting material.  The flannel has a slight give to it, and the other material wanted to separate!

Marco Pocket

The slight give of the flannel made pattern matching verrrrry difficult, but I fought with this pocket until I had it right!  I bought both fabrics at JoAnn’s and they are very pretty, er make that handsome, for men’s shirts.

Marco Shirt back yoke

Making these Marco shirts was exactly the same as constructing the Ethan shirt, except bigger.  A lot bigger!  What used to be my little baby boy 14 years ago is now a 6 foot 6.5 inch man!  With an 80 inch wingspan.  Okay, okay, 10 lbs 4 oz is not exactly a little baby, but it’s a lot smaller than 6’ 6.5”  Where was I?  Oh yes, the Marco shirt!  I did add length to the sleeves.  (80 inches?????!!!!)

Inside Marco Shirt

One thing I love about the Sis Boom shirt patterns, is how finished the inside is when you are through.  I do not have a serger, but the inside of these shirts are almost as nice as the outside!

marco Shirt collar

The only change I made was to add buttons to the collar of the plaid Marco Shirt.

Flannel Marco shirt cuff

The next time I will probably mark out my own buttons and button holes and space them a little closer.  When you make a shirt this long, they seem distorted and a little too far apart.

Flannel Marco Collar

My sweet little baby boy big son refused to model these shirts for me, and who was I to make him?  (See above size measurements!)  Maybe I could surreptitiously take some pictures of him wearing these Marco Shirts, becasue he’s wearing one or the other constantly.  He says they are his only shirts with long enough sleeves!  Awwww, poor widdle baby thing!

Cuff of Marco Shirt

Now he’s onto me to make him some everyday shirts from knit fabric.  It’s a good thing knit fabric comes in 60” widths!  I’ll keep you updated.


7 thoughts on “Two Marco Shirts for my “Baby Boy”

  1. Awesome job Audrey! I too have a 14 year old man/child who is 6’3″, lean, and with an 80″ wingspan (when measured over a year ago at a swim team event). The cost of shirts that actually fit him is just insane so I am going to have to up my game and make him some. Thanks for beautifully demonstrating that it can be done and inspiring me.

  2. I am amazed! They look fantastic, and I’m sure the effort is worth shirts that fit!!! Your non- model has reached the same wingspan as Uncle A; he is well on his way to achieve his long ago dream of being taller! 🙂

  3. These are beautifully done! The pattern matching is mind boggling. You did an amazing job!!!

  4. These are beautiful!
    Great job 🙂

  5. Wow – these are great! I own this pattern, but haven’t tried it yet. Personally, I would have cut those pockets on the bias and not even tried to match the plaid, so kudos to you! They look amazing.

  6. […] Audrey: I sewed 7 items of clothing for myself this year, not including maternity clothes. Those don’t count because I only wore those for a short period of time! It’s really hard to narrow it down to my favorite item, but I think the one I wear the most is my Jocole A-line Yoga skirt. Totally daytime pajamas! The thing that took me the most time to sew this year was the Cowboy Quilt. The items of clothing that took the most skill were the Marco Shirts. […]

  7. […] I took on the rather insane project of making 4 Marco shirts for my oldest son.  He has outgrown the 2 I made him last year, and requested some more.  Since I reviewed the Marco shirt pattern then, I thought I’d share […]

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