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Ina Skirt Gift

Ina Skirt for a gift

Ina Skirt gift sewn by Skirt Fixation

We just love it when we find a pattern that is so awesome, we have no qualms about sewing it up and giving it as a gift!  The Ina Skirt pattern is a pattern perfect for a skirt gift.  This pattern would be an excellent gift for a seamstress, or the skirt itself is a very loving gift in itself!

Ina Skirt for a gift

Recently, we made the Ina Skirt as a gift.  We ordered some fabric in colors we thought would suit the recipient, and sewed up the Ina Skirt.  Our Ina Skirt pattern review can be found here, but we sewed this version without adding any length (can you believe not everyone is 6 feet tall?) and made one small change to the waistband.

skirt gift

For the inner waistband, we turned the piece to the direction of the knit fabric which has the least stretch because this waistband can be a little loose, I’ve found from repeatedly wearing my own Ina Skirt.  Not a show stopper, by any means, but I wanted the recipient to love this skirt gift as much as I loved making it for her!

knit fabric skirt gift

The fabric I ordered from, and love the little metallic strip of silver running along the stripes.

skirt gift

The recipient of this gift loved it and had recently found the perfect top to go with it in a thrift store!  I just love when that happens…

skirt gift

I’m sure there will be many more Ina Skirts in the future…both for ourselves and as skirt gifts.  If you are looking for a special gift to give someone, and you have a skirt gift in mind, look no further than the Ina Skirt!  Give it to a seamstress to make herself, or sew one up for a non seamstress or someone you want to cherish!  Since we’ve sewn this Ina Skirt before, this one took less than an hour to make!

4 thoughts on “Ina Skirt Gift

  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE this one! What you did with the fabric direction is brilliant.
    It looks great on your friend too!

  2. I love this skirt, especially how you set the lower part at an angle. It makes it look like a mermaid style! And the waistband really makes sense. I will have to try that on the next maxi skirt that Mom and I make, because mine always seem to lose their stretch. LOVE IT!!

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