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Holiday Skirt Restyled 5 Ways

Restyled Holiday skirt by Skirt Fixation

Hello Folks, Allegra Here.  We thought maybe you were wondering what to do with that gorgeous holiday skirt now that the holidays are past.  We haven’t done a “Skirt-5 Ways” post for a while, and so I decided to take Annie’s holiday skirt and dress it (or her, rather) up five ways for your enjoyment.  You know, to give you some ideas about how to restyle that holiday skirt after the holidays.  Annie’s skirt is a full, knee or below-the-knee-length black skirt with tiny black velvet polka dots all over it.  We found it at Once Upon A Child, which is such a nice place to get gently used kids’ clothing.  It has buttonhole elastic and a sash, which we left off for this post, just because of all of the ways that we were dressing it, none of which required the sash.  Here is the Holiday Skirt Restyled:

Restyled Holiday skirt by Skirt Fixation

1.  The Casual Comfy Everyday Look.

Annie is always getting into us bigger girl’s closets, (as if she didn’t have enough clothes herself) and wearing our shirts and sometimes our skirts.  She loves to come clop-clop-clopping down the stairs in my heels, much to their detriment.  So for this look, we pulled one of my shirts out, and Annie modeled it with her black skirt.  I can attest that little girls ADORE this look.  Annie feels super special because she is wearing one of my shirts, and it’s one of the easiest things to do a few basting stitches, artfully use a safety pin, or even utilize a hair tie in the back to make the shirt fit if it’s really wide in the neck.  Annie accessorized with her special black bow shoes with the jewels on them, black leggings, and two silly hats.

Restyled Holiday skirt by Skirt Fixation

One is her favorite kitty hat, and the other is a hat ‘like the teenagers wear.’  Just so you know, I do not wear that kind of hat, lol!  Annie says that it’s the most comfortable outfit ever, and the slouchy fit of the shirt combined with the leggings and skirt is a look that she can wear with ease and modesty whether playing with her dolls or her brothers.  So you should feel free to restyle that special holiday skirt for everyday too!

Restyled Holiday skirt by Skirt Fixation

2. The Vintage Tea Party Look

For this one, Annie wore her Oliver + S Apple Picking Blouse, her vintage boots, and white tights.  The boots are really nice quality, vintage looking brown boots that stand up to wear very well, and which we found at a second-hand store.  This may just be my favorite of the outfits, because of how adorable it looks.  The peplum on the blouse stands out with the fullness of the skirt, and Annie looks just like a little Victorian girl.  This is a great look for a special brunch or tea party, and it makes little girls feel all grown up, so whip out that holiday skirt (restyled) for these occasions too.

Restyled Holiday skirt by Skirt Fixation

3. The Classic Church Look

I paired the skirt with a blue button-down shirt, black pumps, and a cream ribbon belt and tights.  This is a wonderful look that is excellent for church or more formal gatherings.  The shirt is from Land’s End, one of our favorite outfitters because of their timeless style and great quality, and has actually been passed down to Annie from Aria, who got it passed down from me!  It still looks very cute and fresh, and the little ruffles keep the style feminine.  The big bow is really an adorable addition, and Annie’s face tells how she feels about this style.  This is probably the most obvious way to restyle your holiday skirt.

Restyled Holiday skirt by Skirt Fixation

4. The Ice Skating Look

It’s cute, comfortable, warm, and simple, Annie’s favorite style.  We paired the skirt with a white turtleneck, pink and brown sweater, and the vintage boots.  Annie says that she would wear this look to go ice-skating.  She’s gone ice-skating once, and she loves it!  If your little girl isn’t about fuss and feathers, this is an awesome look for just about anything.

Restyled Holiday skirt by Skirt Fixation

5. The Party Look

For her last look, Annie just HAD to pair the skirt with her mommy-made cape, muff and hat.  She also wore a turtleneck and white tights for warmth, as well as her special heel shoes.  She wore this look to a bona fide symphony Christmas concert, and in the Jo-Ann fabrics that we went to beforehand, she got five gasps, four ‘Awe’s’, and three ‘How Sweets!’  Does anybody other than us consider going to a fabric store a pre-concert worthy activity?  So you should definitely pull out that special holiday skirt for any other party.  It’s better than letting it hang in the back of the closet, forgotten!

Restyled Holiday skirt by Skirt Fixation

Annie and I sure enjoyed making this post, and she’s sat here on my lap the whole time I was writing the post, sounding out the words and pausing me every five words to ask what a word is. The other day I taught her to spell ‘seafood’ and now she goes around chanting s-e-a-f-o-o-d all day.   In closing, here’s a joke that Annie made up.

“What do you call a man that can’t hear?”

“Um… deaf?”

“Well, it doesn’t matter what you call him, he can’t hear you!”



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  1. ahah she’s too cute. first and fourth looks are so darling!!! <3 Happy New Year!

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