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Lotta Skirt by Compagnie M.

The Lotta Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Lotta Skirt

When we made the Bimaa Sweater we gave a sneak peek of a matching skirt and promised more info later.  If you’ve been following along on the Lotta Skirt tour, you already know about this skirt!  But if you haven’t, we would like to introduce you to one special skirt!  The Lotta Skirt was designed by Marta of Compagnie M.  And like all her patterns, it is very professional and unique.

The Lotta Skirt

One thing we love about Compagnie M. Patterns is how Marta tells you which edges to finish on each piece before you begin sewing.  Surely the same amount of time is spent sewing the pattern, but to us it seems like finishing the edges first makes the actual sewing go so fast!

Embroidered Twill Lotta Skirt

A little more about the Lotta Skirt we made.  We made this for Aria for her birthday, so let her pick out the fabric from our stash.  She chose an embroidered twill fabric that I’d bought several years ago, and saved for some special purpose.  A birthday skirt seemed to fit the bill!  There are also sequins sewed in sparsely throughout the embroidery, and the whole thing makes such a special look.

The Lotta Skirt

We sewed up the largest size in the Lotta girl skirt pattern, but added 5 inches to the length since Aria was 5 inches taller than the average height on the pattern.  I probably also could have made her the smallest women’s size.  Because this skirt has buttonhole elastic, that would have made the skirt last a lot longer!  Oh well, the beauty of a PDF pattern is you just print out the new size and make it all over again…and again.

Contrast Pocket

This is a beautiful skirt and I’d love to try making a maxi version for myself.  The contrast pocket detail makes this skirt really stand out.  If you are wanting to make one of these amazing Lotta Skirts for yourself, here’s the information you’ll need to know:  The girls pattern includes as usual sizes 1 – 10 years old. The women and teens pattern is from size 12yo to size 46.You can find my new patterns for 7 euro IN THE SHOP. You receive a 10% discount with these codes: GIRLS: lotta-girls-10 and WOMEN: lotta-women-teens-10. Both codes are valid till the end of the tour.

The Lotta Skirt sewn by Skirt FixationWith the Lotta Skirt, it won’t be hard to…

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