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Karina Skirt {All The Skirts: Spit Up & Stilettos}

Karina Skirt for All The Skirts series

Karina Skirt for All The Skirts series

Today we present you the first skirt in the All The Skirts: Spit Up & Stilettos edition, the Karina Skirts.  This is one skirt you are going to want to have in your closet!  The Karina Skirt is a knit skirt, and it is lined.  This makes it slimming and comfortable.  Like secret pajamas!

Karina Skirt for All The Skirts series

We chose to make a sporty version of the Karina Skirt by adding a striped racing stripe.

Karina Skirt for All The Skirts series

Ever since we saw Liz’s version of this, we wanted to make one.  Aria tried this skirt on and was instantly happy!  Making this skirt made me really happy because it was so easy to make.  The directions were very easy to follow, complete with picture instructions for each step.  The pattern says it’s not just easy, it’s super easy, and we found that to be so TOTALLY true!

Karina Skirt for All The Skirts series

A little about the fabric.  We’ve vowed to sew all the Spit Up & Stilettos skirts from our stash since all their patterns are free.  Since we are just beginning to sew more with knits, we didn’t have too much in our stash, so we started with a knit maternity skirt (we used the waistband here) and refashioned it into the Karina Skirt.  If you’ve never sewn with knits before, this skirt would be the perfect place to start.  Really!

Karina Skirt for All The Skirts series

One word of warning about this skirt…it is tight fitting!  So if you want a va-voom date night skirt, this is the one that will draw his eye!

Karina Skirt for All The Skirts series

Of course Aria is too young to even think about dates, but the pattern goes down to XS, so it was perfect to make a sporty skirt for her.  I did lengthen the Karina Skirt by about 4 inches, per her request and to make it more suitable for fall and winter wearing.

Karina Skirt for All The Skirts series

Now we want you to enjoy All The Skirts: Spit Up & Stilettos, so we’ve made a way for you to play along.  Enter the giveaway and grab one of those free Spit Up & Stilettos patterns and get sewing!

Karina Skirt for All The Skirts series

The giveaway this time will include a copy of Not A Skirt! and a $25 gift certificate to Fabricworm.  You can earn entries to win that great stuff in two ways:
1: Fill out the Rafflecopter entries
2: Link up any Spit Up And Stilettos pattern you’ve sewn, or up to three things you’ve sewn using fabric from your stash in 2014.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Karina Skirt for All The Skirts series

10 thoughts on “Karina Skirt {All The Skirts: Spit Up & Stilettos}

  1. I love the Sandra peplum. Thanks for the sweet giveaway.

  2. Love their simple skirt. Thanks for the chance.

  3. Super cute skirt! I love the longer length and the fun racing stripe.

  4. The Karina skirt is actually my favorite.

  5. Great job! i love the fit and it looks like a chic version of sporty with the midi length. I have my first Spit up and stilettos pattern ready to go to make the cami.

  6. Cure skirt! I also love the Gabrielle blazer pattern!

  7. Love the sporty look! I’m going to have to make one of their patterns!

  8. I love the side stripe!

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  10. I like the Atalie shirt!

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