Corduroy Skirts 5 ways

I LOVE SKIRTS!!! Yes, I really do.

The way that skirts swish around your legs, and make you feel like a princess is probably the greatest feeling in the world. They are gorgeous in the spring and summer, with light colors and fabrics, and a swingy jounce. They are amazing for fall and winter, with darker colors, heavier fabrics, and straighter silhouettes. I like how you can mix and match blouses with just one skirt to make a dozen or more delightful outfits.

Honestly, I think fall is the best skirt-wearing season, with winter a close second.

I love the thicker fabrics, the plaids, and the orange…

So I wanted to share a few Pinterest skirt finds with you, and this time they’re all corduroy skirts!

corduroy pencil skirt

Numba one is this corduroy pencil skirt. This would be a staple in any busy woman’s fall wardrobe, as its perfect for running errands, and can easily be dressed up or down. Personally, I would wear it with a tasteful turtleneck and boots, and layer a scarf or light military style jacket.

corduroy skirt

The next thing that caught my eye was this lovely full corduroy maxi. Corduroy can be very heavy, but you know it’s warm! This skirt isn’t something that you wear everyday by any means, but for a holiday get-together in chilly weather, it would be perfect paired with a red blouse.

corduroy skirtrefashion

This upcycled corduroy skirt is so fun! I really like the idea of putting ties in the front panel. Again, this would be great paired with a warm shirt and boots, or if you wanted to go all-out eccentric, a huge fuzzy shawl.

ruffled corduroy skirt

Oh, the cuteness of this adorable little ruffled skirt. This is a little girl’s skirt, and would be just too adorable when paired with tights and European leather boots, and a little shawl and muff. You know, a muff. Because every little girl should have a muff!

corduroy skirt

The final skirt find is one for which I would gladly shell out money. The silhouette of the skirt is very good for chasing little siblings and playing the cello. I would wear this with my boots and my feather-print long sleeved shirt.

Thanks for reading! What is your favorite style as far as corduroy skirts go?

Till next time,


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